Wyze Putdoor Cam PoE

Hello, will the base station run on PoE?

An Ethernet cable is necessary to connect the base station to your router. A power supply cable is provided to power the base station.

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Not out of the box but you can get PoE to USB adapters and kits on Amazon.

Full kit

Just the PoE to USB adapter

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Very disappointing, it’s actually cheaper to manufacture a PoE device than one with a separate power supply, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll order the adapter you suggested if I get it, but the lack of a continuous record mode makes this camera a no-go for me sadly.

I don’t understand how a PoE to USB would be useful at all. Currently the base station takes up one wall outlet and one Ethernet plug.
With PoE it would make it more portable and less intrusive than it already is (requiring hardlined)
You could run Ethernet anywhere but with it needing both you can only run it to the outlet closest to where you actually want to go.

That’s what the POE does, you run power and data through one Ethernet cable.

13adger - Here’s my situation. My router is in my basement near the back of the house. My Outdoor Cam is in the front by my garage. I’m only getting a “weak” signal from the base to my camera. I want to move the base to the wall near the front of my house, but being a basement, there are not a lot of power drops along the front wall. If I had PoE, I could just run an ethernet cable from my router to the base and locate the base wherever I wanted. But without it, I have to run both an extension cord and an ethernet cable to relocate the base to the front of my house to boost the signal (which I ended up doing as the extension cord was $10 to the $25 in PoE retrofit gear I’d need). Definitely something Wyze should look at for V2 of the base.