PoE setup help

Sorry for bad drawing. Took over a warehouse, had existing ethernet cables (PoE for existing DVR cameras, quite old). Each distance is at 120 - 160ft ft or so. A-site is nearest power outlet with an existing Cat6 ethernet line, which voltage and adapter? B-site is the attic where I would like to put my Mofi4500 LTE router up there, best signal, so needed to get a PoE splitter 12v. C-site is where my desktop runs over cat6 ethernet & ethernet payment processor, there is power outlet in this room. D & E-sites are locations of the Wyze cams, must be powered by PoE splitter (which voltage?)

Please give me a few ideas of which amazon product to buy in order to get this started.

Can I get data at A-site for a backup external hard drive & receive data back from the LTE router by B -site utilizing the same cable? If not, I’ll bring the external backup hard drive to connect to the desktop at C-site.

Thank you.

I have no idea on this, but I’m just curious to ask – what’s the benefit of using PoE on a non-ethernet device? I understand that you can probably deliver power this way, but why is that better than using the existing USB cord? It’s still going to be a WiFi camera, not an ethernet camera. Right? Or am I missing something? (I’m genuinely interested to know. I don’t know much about this.)

I think you can get power further through POE. Or if you are already wired with ethernet everywhere.

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Gotcha. Makes sense.

For the PoE to USB power adapter, you will be fine using an item such as this:


it steps down the 48 V injected power sent to the PoE to the 5V 2 AMPS up to about 350 Ft, the product page says 492 but I wouldn’t trust that number. You would still be able to use your Ethernet in line with this for your other data needs,


Where does this splitter applicable? Wyze cams ends& Router B-site. What about A-site?


If I am understanding your question, you wold be able to continue from he Wyze Cam, the Wyze cam is only using the USB portion of the slitter, you would be able to continue the data throughput though the Ethernet portion of the PoE, and loop

And Yes You will be able to use the same cable to use on your PTE router

Forgive eme if that is not the full answer, I may not understand the entirely of the follow up question.

Are you hoping to backup the Wyze cameras to the external hard drive you mentioned? That’ll take some tinkering…

I am a Wyze cam fan and recommend them to folks for alot of situations, but this situation might be to much for them. This sounds like a fairly large facility. The Wyze ir lights only go about 30 if that. How high up are you mounting them? Take that into consideration also. Although the picture is a nice 1080p (now days a mega pixel camera is nearing pretty much the minimum for business use I’d say), the frame rate is very low. Might want to stick with the Poe cameras, just update them. Putting some thoughts out there :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts on how I might approach this situation before ordering additional parts - take it or leave it. I have done this type of work for 30+ years.

Understand these questions:
Warehouse premise - unknown construction materials - Metal, wooden, concrete, overhead fire sprinklers, 277v lighting, smoke curtains??
WiFi 2.4 mhz signal strength at each of the Wyzecam installed location?
Warehouse light source - HID, LPS, T12/8, Induction, LED or something else - re-strike time?
Will forklifts interfere with the Wyzecam’s operation?

Evaluation step:
Temporally install the Wyzecam at the intended location powered by a USB battery pack.

Test for:
each cam’s signal strength
each cam’s ability to record usable video during the different lighting levels 24/7
cam’s clearance from the warehouse operations, including fire sprinkler activation.

Based on the findings:
Are supplemental lighting sources needed, if yes, what are the power requirements?
Are the light sources too close to the Wyzecam and blowing-out the video images?
WiFi signal good, if no, what is equipment is needed or relocation?
Can we use the cat 6 cable to support any other findings?
Potential outcomes:
5 volts for Wyzecam
WiFi Range extender
12 volts for supplement IR lighting

Create parts list based on results.

Have fun!

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Found out this kit works perfectly for all Wyzes outside buildings via 200ft Ethernet cables.


Another set rj45 injector for the 4G Mofi4500 router up on the roof with 12V DC worked just fine.

So happy with results. Thank you all.

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Although the original poster is happy with the solution provided, for anyone else reading, this option is not at all recommended if you need to secure a facility. Wyze is designed for personal use, and isn’t anywhere close to being a professional video surveillance system.

For those looking for a professional security system, consider getting a third party company to provide a security assessment, and if you’re comfortable handling everything yourself look for a Power over Ethernet (PoE) system with both on-site and cloud storage.

I love their products.