Power Over Ethernet (POE) extends power to the Wyze cam, AND adds wired internet, right?

Are there any posts that feature before and after footage captured by a POE-connected Wyze cam? If there’s any quality boost, I’ll start looking into what everyone’s using. Not sure if this is just an “extension cord” benefit, or it’s also a quality or perhaps just stability boost. Thanks.

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PoE only adds power. WyzeCam only connects via Wifi. I use them all over the place.


Do you have a link to this device?

How did you get one up that high? That’s pretty impressive!

This is that poe to 5v power. Plugs right into the Wyze Cam


Note: since this photo, I’ve started protection them from the elements using PVC pipe. They are not designed for outdoors but they do last a while on their own. 1 didn’t.


Thank you @ryny24, that is a good recommendation and a cool “use case”. Going PoE like that would not only probably make my Wyzecams a bit more stable, it would prepare me to easily move on to better cameras without issue.

Here is how I protect them now. 1.25" PVC pipe with cap. hole for a ty-wrap at the bottom. micro-usb extension cable OR y-splitter if 2 cameras. done.


From my experience, some of the contrast and clarity of images thru the cameras can be altered via software.