WPA3 Question - My Wyze cams were comprimised!

My neighbor showed me a method he learned on the web to block my cameras recording process.
He said it had something to do with the poor Wpa? protocol on my router.
After doing a little research, the issue was known years ago and a new protocol called WPA3 was developed to fix it.
I purchased a new router with WPA3 technology and I cannot get the Wyze cameras to connect to it with that mode.
If Wyze is charging for a service to flag people,events, which I have, how can it not fix this problem?

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All true, but it is only used against others by criminals and a-holes. There are relatively few consumer products that can use WPA3 at present. Wires are much safer.

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Thankyou for that.

I think I will bite the bullet and revisit the hard-wired camera solution.

Just surprised, as Wyze is offering a service for money, to use its cameras to monitor one’s property.

If they know it can be jammed, how is this service ethical or even without liability?


Cam Protect?

False sense of security with this wireless protocol breach openly talked about.

I can’t believe this .


Even though it’s been about two years for WPA3, very few of these types of devices actually support it. Wired is always an option. The other option is devices that use things like Z-Wave protocol which shouldn’t be affected by WPA2 deauthorization attacks since it bypasses WIFI security. There are very few cameras with that as well. I think Ring has it, but only in their Elite models.

WPA3 isn’t invulnerable either. It’s stronger than WPA2, but it’s still wireless and already has some exploits. Here’s some info:
WPA Security Benefits and Vulnerabilities


I concur, everyone should know that there is no such thing as a completely secure wireless network. With that said, some “security protocols” are far superior to others. It bothers me greatly that WYZE claimed their v2 cams support WPA3 back in July of 2021. Here it is December of 2022 and we are still waiting for that to be reality.


Thanks ray,. But that link actually makes me feel more secure about WPA3! Unlike WPA and WPA2 there doesn’t seem to be any unpatched current vulnerability other than plain old brute force. That’s great news. These cautions would apply to almost anything: