V3 Cameras are under attack

In the last 24 hours I have been receiving security messages from my Fiber Modem/Router about a ‘Device Attack Blocked’ (details below).
It started a few minutes after I added a new Wyze Lamp Socket, but not clear if related. It first happened to the V3 cam connected to the Lamp Socket. I then replaced the V3 with another one I have and the same issue began with that V3 cam as well.
I took both V3 cams inside the house and connected as stand alone (no Lamp Socket) and the issue returns. The attacks start ~15 minutes after I enable the camera on the network.
It is not clear to me if the Lamp Socket setup is related or just a coincident.

My other V2/V3/Outdoor cams or other Wyze devices are NOT experiencing the same phenomena.
For now I left these two V3 devices offline and therefore they are not usable. I’m trying to collect more information about the issue before reactivating them.

Did anyone encounter this issue?
What am I missing ?

Security message details:

Subject: Device Attack Blocked

Description: We noticed that WyzeCam2 had a potential attack and blocked it. Denial of Service attacks try to overload a device by flooding it with multiple requests simultaneously, making it inaccessible to its users.

Recommendation: The connection we blocked won’t affect safe connections and your device should continue to function normally. Don’t worry, there’s no need take any action and your device is protected as long as AT&T Internet Security is enabled.

I would report this issue to security@wyze.com they can look into it and see what the issue is.


It is roughly 99.5% certain that this is a stupid false alarm by your router. It may also be related to a known issue where Wyzecams make excessive DNS queries. This can be exacerbated if you have additional firewalling or blocking measures or unusual DNS in place. Good luck.


Thanks Jason. Will do.

Keeping you folks up-to-date.

On Jan 27, 2022, at 3:58 PM, Wyze Security security@wyze.com wrote:

Hello Raanan,

Thank you for contacting Wyze Cybersecurity! At Wyze, we take Customer Data Privacy and Security very seriously.

This DoS alert from AT&T Internet Security is a false positive. We are actively working with AT&T to resolve this behavior.

Once again, thank you for notifying us.

Wyze Cybersecurity Team


Just wonder why Wyze needs so many DNS enquiry?