WPA3 support

Looks like some Wyze cams with the latest firmware are now WPA3 compatible. Recently purchased a new cam v4. Had my guest-IoT network configured for wpa2/wpa3 mode. Added the V4 to the wireless network no problem. Saw that it was connected wifi6 2.4g 802.11ax. Decided to try changing the network from wpa2/3 & pmf optional to wpa3 only & pmf required. I expected all my wyze devices to disconnect / drop from the network. Surprisingly the cam v4, my OG-telephoto and floodlight-pro all stayed connected and were fully operational. I could still live view, stream and they were uploading events and I was receiving motion alerts from them. My cam v3, v3-pro and plugs unfortunately all disconnected (still not wpa3 compatible). I have not found anything official that Wyze is supporting wpa3. Can others confirm?


Thanks for that. When I am home this evening I will try to move my OG-Tele and V4 to my WPA3 only SSID.

Also successfully got a cam Pan v3 with the latest firmware connected onto my WPA3 only & PMF required wireless network.

I did not get a chance to try last night, but I will try V3 as well. Maybe some others too…