V4 and WPA3

I just got my v4 setup this evening after Amazon dropped it off. So excuse my ignorance.

Does the v4 support WPA3? I thought it did. I might have dreamt it?

If so, where would you setup WPA3 if it supports it now, or in the future. Would the setting be during setup or elseware.

So far, I am impressed with the v4. Hopefully that impression will linger. Looking forward to seeing night vision in 2K.

You would have to change the setting on your router for WPA3. If you do many of your other connected items may not work and it will be lights out for those items if you can not do WPA2 , WPA2-PSK and WPA3. I don’t think the V4 is WPA3 capable.

Thanks @Antonius ,

I have my router set for WPA2/WPA3. Only my two phones show connected as WPA3 while everything else is WPA2. I can live with that. Thanks.

This post has mixed results for cameras.

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Interesting. This info looked familiar, as I posted a message in that thread 12 days ago. Now I can understand the situation better.

Not sure I can go WPA3 only. Maybe I need a third router.