Wyze Cam v4 AMA - 3/28/2024

Post your questions for Shanee, PM of the newly released Wyze Cam v4 at the link below. She will be answering them on the Reddit AMA March 28th 3-4 PM PT

Wyze Cam v4 AMA


5Ghz compatible?
WPA-3 compatible?
2.5K video?

The floodlight pro I recently set up is on 5ghs band. Doesn’t seem to make much difference though.

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Does the v4 actually have a WiFi 6 chip? Meaning it can communicate using 802.11ax?

Or are we saying it is compatible with WiFi 6 routers, which is obviously yes, since 6 is compatible with previous generations of WiFi; even with older WiFi protocols.

The specifications on the v4 only list 802.11b/g/n and 2.4 GHz. It doesn’t say “802.11ax” which makes it a WiFi 6 device.

Ultimately, have we been able to improve the range and bandwidth/airtime utilization when compared with previous gen cameras?



The only reference I’ve found:

AMA?!?! Has Shanee been warned about me yet? :rofl: I’m going to start posting a bunch of questions right now!


No window mounts? Correct?

Won’t fit OG window mount.

I have two V4s coming, not sure what to do with them yet and losing an OG to a support gift card, so down one camera when I return it.

Guess I have to buy another OG for the window for the OG returning to Wyze. Scratch head on V4 locations until window mounts come out from China.:thinking:


How does that fit? I have Amazon OG mounts and the dimensions of an OG are different than a V4.

Wyze Window Mount fits Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro and Wyze Cam v4. Wyze claims their window mount also fits Cam OG and Cam OGT, but I checked and it’s a fairly loose fit.

I have no idea about 3rd party window mounts for any Wyze cam model.


Wyze 4 looks good but unfortunately I am not on Wyze’s target list, even though I own 9 cameras, plus old sensors. I don’t want to use cloud storage and I want/need RTSP, which only is available for some of my cameras. Products are great except old door sensors and motion detector no longer work. I am currently searching for alternatives.

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I didn’t realize they didn’t work til weeks later. I am on the hunt as well. Not sure I like the idea of buying a hub when the old sensors fed off of the nearest cam.

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We are always working hard behind the scenes to bring you the latest and greatest! We also remain deeply committed to offering great technology at the lowest possible prices. You will just have to wait and see… :wink:

Sigh. Not their finest work.   :wink:

In other news…

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