WPA3 WiFi network support for Wyze Cams

Currently, there is no WPA3 support for the Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station. Please provide WPA3 WiFi network support for all current and future Wyze Cam models.

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WPA3 Support - Please add!!!

Please add support for WPA3!! The outdoor base station and all your devices should support WPA3.


WPA3 has been the current WiFi security standard for more than 4 years now, but no Wyze cams support it. Instead, we’re forced to rely on WPA2, which is from 2004 and is significantly less secure.

I emailed support to confirm that no Wyze cams support WPA3. They confirmed that and suggested I ask for that feature in this forum. That’s shameful and embarrassing. Implementing support for up-to-date security standards should be standard practice, not something customers have to wish for.

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Two years later and still no WPA 3 support. Surely a company that makes SECURITY cameras would make sure their products have the latest and greatest security standards. I honestly might return this security risk.

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Seriously WPA3 please.