Outdoor Hub, eero Routers and WPA3

This issue has popped up before in an older thread: Wyze Cam Outdoor WiFi Issue WPA3

The outdoor hub has difficulty connecting via Wifi to an eero router. As the link about points out, turning off WPA3 is the solution. But the post above is over one year old. Which company should be working on a solution–eero or Wyze?

The older outdoor cams didn’t support wpa3, from what I understand. Not so sure about the newer cameras if they support wpa3 or not, and also not sure if that’s a hardware or software issue (my guess is hardware, but that’s just a guess).

But the router does not require WPA3 to connect, and other even older devices do connect. I have only a few devices that support WPA3, and only two that don’t have issues with WPA3 being available. One of the two is okay turning WPA3 back on after setup, but this one doesn’t like it on at all.

None of Wyze products support WPA3. That’s been a major issue for most of Wyze users.