Outdoor camera hub now can connect WiFi thank you Wyze

So happy now the hub can connect WiFi so I can put the hub anywhere now for better signal to the camera. Best update so far

No matter what I try cannot get it to work.
I have eero network. Any tips ?

Make sure you are on 2.4 network and on the app go to hub then setting and click on device info then click on change connection try that and let me know

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Thanks for the reply, Unfortunately that I know of with eero mesh network there is no way to alter the bands. devices which are 2.4 should be able to sign on to the network automatically, and others that are 5ghz capable can sign on to the 5ghz band.

Maybe someone else with same network might have some insight??? If you can think of anything else that would be great!

I have an eero 6 pro. You have to go to troubleshooting in the eero app, choose “my device can’t connect” and then you’ll get a button to temporarily disable the 5ghz band for about 10 minutes.

You should be able to connect the 2.4ghz device at that point and it will stay on the 24ghz band. I’ve done this with the video doorbell and it worked perfectly.

Cool, thanks will give this a try & report back :+1::sunglasses:

Well still NO go for me. Updated to latest firmware, and also tried disabling 5ghz, and still will not connect :confused:

That sucks, sorry. You could try one other rather obscure thing that’s worked for me in the past with some 2.4ghz devices like my Eufy Vacuum. After you disable 5ghz on the eero, turn off mobile data on your phone and then reconnect to your wifi. Sometimes that will get it working.

Is the outdoor camera hub need to be connected via ethernet only?

I just bought the T-link Deco X60 mesh system from Costco and it’s amazing you can toggle 5ghz on and off and so much more. Plus I had no problems connecting any of my Wyze devices to it. I almost bought the eero 6 till I did my research and found out you can’t control anything really with it and if you want more features you have to pay a subscription. If you can sell your system and go with Tp-link mesh systems so worth it. It’s on sell at Costco for $229