Switched router and now can not connect cameras or lightbulb

I purchased an Eero triband (pro6) and can not intigrate my V3s or wize bulb to the new system. I spent over an hour with support from eero and wyze with no luck. Anyone have a similar situation? I had to enter each and every other connected item individually and after about 50 attempts with the wyze items I gave up and came here hopefully looking for a solution.

Interesting I hope you did not buy the new wifi 6,we have herd so many stories… as long as you can set your SSID for each system 2.rghz and the 5.0ghz.

In the eero app, temporarily turn off the 5 GHz band: Settings > Troubleshooting > ‘My device won’t connect’, then tapping on the “Temporarily pause 5GHz” button