Outdoor cam cannot connect to hub on wifi

I have an outdoor cam that was working perfectly fine with the hub, which was Ethernet wired. I changed the hub to use Wi-Fi, and now my outdoor cam cannot be detected - it’s “offline”.

  • All firmware was updated prior
  • I powered on/off the camera
  • I powered on/off the hub
  • I moved hub to within two feet of the camera
  • Wi-Fi signal on hub is strong

I haven’t yet tried deleting the device and adding it back as I’m not sure if I will lose the settings.

Any suggestions? Or is deleting the device and adding it back the way to go?

DO NOT delete the cam if it shows off line, you will regret it. Connect the base back to ethernet, connect the cam so it works and wait for a solid response from some smart folks here.


I rebooted everything once more, camera and hub, and it’s back online. Problem solved, thanks for the suggestion though.

@Antonius wasn’t just making a suggestion regarding not deleting the camera when it is offline. I believe if you do you will never be able to add it back to the account. Some type of anti-theft protection to keep someone from stealing and reusing the camera.

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I have no first hand experience but there have been numerous post on this board where members have deleted their WCO while it was off line in an effort to fix something and they were never able to get them to connect again. I have deleted camera that were still online and added them back to the same account without any issues. I think the issue is if you delete a cam that is off line, the rest of the WYZE “system” thinks the cam is still active so you can not add it back to your account. There should be a fix for that issue somehow :thinking:

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