V3 PRO Disassembly Photos❗️

So the white plastic screw hole covers are gone. [The ones that would always get stuck When trying to pull them out to access the screws.] I think they added lock-tite to the screws or they screwed them in a lot tighter. If you have any questions drop a reply.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing! I love seeing these things.

Did you have a particular purpose in mind for disassembling it? For example, some people do this to swap the lens, or modify the antenna, or a number of other modifications, or sometimes just because they already accidentally broke the device, so it didn’t matter.


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Well, I was planning on doing a lens swap. I’ve done two already. (16mm & 25mm) I’m a little hesitant since this one has “Smart Focus”. I think it’s more of a digital focus so I might have to do some research to see if I might run into any issues. I am assuming this is the antenna. [Pic Below] an antenna mod sounds quite interesting but I have no idea how I would go about doing it.

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I am very confident that it is just all digital, however, it could be catered to the fact that it is a 2K lens, etc. I suppose it is possible that a different lens could still screw up some things.

I have seen walkthroughs online of people modifying the antennas in the Wyze cams before, but I do not feel DIY electronic savvy enough to give advice on any modifications.

If that’s the antenna in the photo, I took the other two cameras I have disassembled don’t have that so it is like a external antenna.

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I think the v3pro has an improved antenna, so I guess they went with that sticker type on on the top for better connection.

This is entirely digital, it is also most likely done by the app as recordings don’t have the smart focus.