Wyze Cam v3 Pro teardown?

I assumed it was as easy to open the Wyze cam 3 pro as the Wyze cam 3 but there is a different bevel around the lens holding face.
Any ideas how to open the unit / are there any teardown videos out there yet?

I haven’t seen any teardown videos for the V3 Pro yet.


I am literally tearing one down right now. [See Photos] It’s basically the same design but yes harder. I think they added lock-tite to the screws or they screwed them in a lot tighter.


Interesting interior, thanks for sharing!

It looks like the antenna is that sticker on the top, is that right?

Thanks for working this out!
Just to add: use a triangular pry tool as shown in the first picture - work around the top and pry the bevel off. There is a LOT of gum holding the bevel to the lens face surface - I used the pry tool to saw through this. Note the small grey circle on the left hand side of the first photo - this coincides with a small hole in the face of bevel and this plastic part sheared off in my case - leaving the other part of it in the bevel - doesn’t look like a problem.
After that it looks very similar to the v3 - I personally didn’t find the three screws at all tight.
I hope to fit a 25mm lens but the not sure at this stage if the additional board will prevent this…

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