Opening Wyze cam V3 (Remove Microphone)

How do we opening the new V3 camera? I removed the microphone from the V2 recently. That just requires removing 4 screws to get inside. In this new V3 cam I do not see any screws or any way to open the camera so I can remove the microphone. Does anyone know how to open the camera? It’s not on YouTube yet, camera is practically new.

How do we open the V3 cam? There are no screws like the current model on the back.

This would void warranty I am sure and is not advised. :slight_smile: It may also defeat and/or damage whatever waterproofing there is.

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Sorry for the cross post.

I’m am 100% not concerned about the warranty. I’m 100% more concerned about the microphone continously recording and listen. We all know you can disable the mic record on the v2s, but we all also know that it still continues to give live record playback to everyone else you share the device with AND wyze servers as well.

Warranty is the least of my conern.


Hello, this video shows how to do it: Wyze Cam V3 Microphone Delete / Remove / Disable - YouTube

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