Permanently disable microphone

Watching my tv room but want conversations kept private. My mother lives here and I keep an eye on her when I’m out of the house in case she falls. Tried covering microphone but doesn’t help at all. I know I can turn mic off but I share cam with brother and daughter

Do a search on forum for “Disable Microphone”

There are many ways some as simple as using a small drill bit to destroy microphone, obviously this invalidates warranty. Maybe even a pin could poke holes in it too… Check the other posts and decide your method of attack.

I pulled the mic off on one of my V2 cameras. Took just a few minutes.

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Open the camera and unplug the microphone I did that at my mom’s V2 cameras

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V2 - Remove mic (takes a few seconds)
V3 - unplug mic (takes a few minutes)

Neither permanently damages the camera: