V3 Keeps Capturing Motionless Vehicle

I have been told that closing the app in iOS does the same thing. But, I don’t use iOS, so an iOS user would need to confirm that.

I’ve been through all these steps before and I’ve also done a hard reset on the camera. No change in behaviour. It seems everything goes through the AI engine.

I am going to push one of my V3 cams to CPL and test. It may take a bit of time to get results in. Based on the results, I will reach out to some others to see if I can get some feedback. What firmware version are you running on the cam?

Firmware is v4.36.9.139

I am currently running the latest Beta Firmware on my V3 cam so results may vary.

But, your cam is running older firmware. The newest firmware is that is in a gradual release cycle.

Has your cam been offered a firmware update?

I have been offered the firmware update but experience tells me to wait because more times than not, each new firmware has problems. I always wait at least a few weeks.

My issue has persisted over a number firmware updates and started when the forced firmware updates were rolled out early in 2022.

If you move a v3 to CPL, won’t you only get Person AI tagging and not be able to test motionless Vehicle?

Exactly the point.

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Thanks for the clarification. I will also test a v3 on CPL for mwark.

With Smart Detections Persons off on CPL, I am seeing Persons tagged as Motion. V3 on firmware

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Beta Firmware, cam on CPL with all AI Smart Detections off, cam only returned Motion Events during forced Person movement.

Turned on Person Detection in Smart Detections and will test later today.

To be clear, I get “person” motion events despite the option being turned off. Some of those “person” events are actually people but others are shadows, trees, cars, etc. Meanwhile, other motion is ignored completely, e.g. a vehicle slowly moving through the detection zone.

Starting today I am seeing the same symptoms you are experiencing. On CPL, in events, I normally have Person and Motion selected to see everything. now with those two checked, I only see persons. I have to uncheck Person to be able to see persons and all motion, which was not this way prior.

The App still works for me, but it’s weird that I have to deselect buttons to see the everything view I want.


I’m a bit confused…

I thought by @mwark’s post that they had the Event Recording → Smart Detections for Person disabled yet the cam still uploaded and tagged Person Events (even if they weren’t really a person).

What you are describing

That sounds like the functionality of the Quick Filter Buttons at the top of the Events page. Yes… The Motion Button when used in conjunction with any AI Quick Filter button is… Broke.

Long discussion about that starting here:

I think this is a seperate issue from what @mwark experienced.

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I tested again today. Reminder that I am on the Beta Firmware and the Beta App…

With Person Detection enabled in the Smart AI settings for the cam on CPL, I am getting Person Detections.

So, under both conditions of the Person Smart AI Detections setting, my toggle is working appropriately.

So with v3 camera on CPL with person detection turned off, you don’t get “person” motion events?

I don’t really care about the AI flagging functionality but (at least for me) it would appear that all event video goes through the AI engine when all the AI toggles are turned off.

My bugbear is that I keep seeing motion in live view that is not flagged (completely ignored). The “motion tagging” rectangles don’t appear, so I conclude that it’s a firmware issue. It started back in March 2022 after the forced updates and I think it’s far worse than having branches, shadows, etc, wrongly flagged as “person”.

No. Works as expected. With Person Detection disabled, no tags for Person.

For which there have been upgrades and fixes in Public Release Updates. Old firmware can’t be fixed. It’s obsolete. Reporting issues in old firmware serves no purpose as the new firmware is already out there and Beta versions beyond that public release are already being tested.

The only possibility for a fix is a firmware update which you have chosen to forego.

But, realize also that the AI for the V3 is not in the firmware. The AI Bot, the Algorythim that interrogates uploaded motion videos, decides by your settings if to tag them, and applies the tag, is run on the Wyze Server and is updated without announcement on a regular basis.

While the Motion Detection and the green Motion Tracking box, affected by your Sensitivity and DZ, is within the firmware, the decision to tag videos AI is all Server based.

As you noted, the AI is not in the firmware but I’ll update it on one of my cameras to take that out of the equation and then report back later.

As far as the motion tracking box goes, I have sensitivity set to max. I believe the box is drawn by the firmware when it detects motion so if there’s no box then there’s not going to be any recording to SD or any upload to the cloud for AI analysis. Agreed?


The green Motion Tagging Box is not a requirement for an upload as it can easily be disabled and not affect uploads at all. The Motion Tagging Box is not a prerequisite for a motion generated upload nor is it required. It is just a snazzy visual aid the cam adds.

The Motion Tracking box has its own non-adjustable sensitivity threshold that isn’t affected by the cam’s Motion Sensitivity setting. The two functions: (1) applying the Green Motion Tagging Box; and (2), Uploading a Motion Activated Event, are not in the same decision code. They are independent functions.

Set your cam sensitivity higher than the Motion Tagging Box and you will have uploads without the box. Set your cam sensitivity lower than the Motion Tagging Box and you can see the box in the live stream or on a SD Card Continuous Playback when no upload occured. But, no one really knows where the Motion Tagging Box pre-set sensitivity point really is.

As for SD Card Motion Event Recording, this should coincide with uploads as it is driven by the cam sensitivity settings.

Unless you have turned off the green tracking box.