V3 Keeps Capturing Motionless Vehicle

My Pan V3 has a PLUS subscription and it is setup for capturing only Vehicles, Persons & Pets. I have my car parked in my driveway where the camera is and it keeps “eventing” the motionless car as a VEHICLE.
The events today were triggered by rainfall . It kept “eventing” rain and then telling me there is a VEHICLE.
I have contacted Wyze and they submitted a ticket but have done nothing.

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Last I heard there is a plan to change tagging to only moving objects, but I don’t believe that has happened yet. My Garage cam keeps telling me a car is parked there when something trips it, lol.

As far as detecting rain, drop your motion sensitivity and see if that helps.

If I park my truck in the driveway, at night it will report motion events every time someone drives by and shines its headlights on the truck.

I’m told that’s because “motion” is defined as changes in pixels from one frame to another, then when motion is detected, the camera sees there is a vehicle there so the vehicle must be what caused the motion, right? :thinking:

The rain is moving and is therefore causing the Motion Activation. Once the cam is activated by that motion it uploads the video. The WyzeAI does not discriminate between moving and stationary objects when tagging AI (yet… as @Newshound mentioned.)

It will tag any object that looks like a car within the Active DZ regardless of it’s motion status.

Right now, the best that can be done is to use a Detection Zone to exclude the parked car.

…and I’ve found that that works pretty well. It’s kind of a pain when you have to change the detection zone every time you move your car, but it is a reasonably effective workaround.


The motion from the headlights is what caused the Motion Activation.

There is no correlation between what is tagged as an AI object and what caused the motion.

Motion activation is just the trigger. AI tagging happens independant of motion.

Using your example of your parked truck. When there is no DZ, the motion of the headlights will activate the upload and the AI will return a Vehicle tag. If you exclude the vehicle, the cam will still activate but the event produced will be a standard Motion tag because the AI failed to find a vehicle because it was excluded by the DZ. The motion activation only triggers the AI tagging.

Well… technically I guess you’re right. But effectively, if the truck was not there, and detection is set to Vehicle and Person, the camera would still see the changes in pixels as the passerby’s headlights sweep across the driveway, but would not be flagged as a reportable event, right?

Depends on your settings.

If you have your Event Recording set to All Motion Events, it will return a general “Motion” tagged event.

If you have your Event Recording set to only record Smart AI Detection events, then no event or tag will be returned in the Events list unless it sees one of the objects you have indicated.

I turn off the camera’s pixel motion detection at sundown and switch to a PIR motion sensor at night. The motion detector then triggers the camera. So I don’t have headlight issues (probably helps with the rain too).

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Thanks for all the input. Not only does the rain trigger the event BUT I also have the headlights coming down the road also at night.
Even during the day, if an insect triggers the camera it detects my parked car. In fact, sometimes it says the insect is a PERSON.
What’s un-nerving is in the middle of the night a large insect will trigger the event (even though I have it set to Person, Vehicle & Pet only) and my Alexa will yell out “Person detected on Deck”.
Although I like that Alexa notification, am not to fond of it in the middle of the night.

the sun shadows is detected with mine. if I turn the sensitivity down, I get no detection’s. it is a pain that I have to live with

Or switch to a PIR motion sensor at night.

I need to use it in the day, that is when i am away, and when things come up missing.

I have the opposite problem. I regularly have vehicles moving slowly across my cameras’ field of vision and nothing at all gets flagged while I can see it happening in live view. This has been happening since the forced firmware updates way back when. Multiple support logs "referred to the developers” haven’t yielded any improvements. I blame the so-called AI that flags people as cars, cars and tree branches as people, etc, etc. It just doesn’t work and I wish I could turn it off completely.

You can. Toggle off your Smart AI Detections.

I’m using “Cam Plus Lite” and the app displays a page titled “Smart Detection”. All toggles are turned off but I’m still getting motion events tagged as “Person”, so I assume this means that the cloud based AI is still in play?

Yes. The cloud places those tags. If you have them toggled off, it shouldn’t be tagging objects Person.

Is the Event Recording set for All Motion or Smart Detection.

On the “Event Recording” page only the “Detect Motion” toggle is turned on.

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It almost seems like the Server isn’t getting the message from the App to turn them off.

With that toggle off, try clearing the cache in Account → App Info, Sign Out in Account, Close the app, Force Close the App by long pressing the App Icon and selecting App Info, power cycle the cam leaving it off for at least 30s, restart the phone, open the app and log in, verify that the setting is still off, then test to see if you continue to get the Person Events.

I know that works with Android but how do you force-stop in iOS? Long-pressing the icon brings up some different stuff including “uninstall” or “remove”.