Event tags

I’ve just noticed in the last week or so that tags have changed in my event listings. My camera looks down a driveway. When it’s night and dark and there were no vehicles, the event would be labelled “Motion.” You get shadows and wind, but no vehicles. Now, when night happens, everything is tagged “Vehicles.” Why? There are no moving vehicles. Thanks.

Is there a stationary parked vehicle in the Field of View or some large object that looks like a stationary vehicle?

The AI tags do not discriminate between moving and stationary objects.


There is always a parked object in field of view. But, the issue is the same. I used to get motion tags, and now vehicle tags. I don’t want vehicle tags. This started about 20 days ago. For over a year I got motion tags because nothing’s moving, maybe trees, lights going on or off.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have been happening prior to 20 days ago unless you just received the most recent firmware update 20 days ago with the updated settings UI.

Since you are getting Vehicle tags on that cam, I am assuming you have Cam Plus and that the Vehicle Smart AI toggle is turned on in the Event Recording → Smart Detections.

If you toggle that off, it will no longer tag motion videos with Vehicle or send Push Notifications for that.

I did update the firmware about 10 days.
Now, I have blocked out that car in the detection zone. Maybe that will work.

Blocking out the car with the detection zone should work as well when you have Vehicle Detection on.