V3 Firmware bricked

I received 3 Cam V3 to replace Pan Cams. All three installed quickly and easily, and notified me of upgraded firmware. Two of them upgraded successfully. One is now stuck in initialization mode (solid red light). Holding reset for any amount of time does nothing. Neither does unplugging. No V3 firmware to manually reflash. I’m waiting on a Tier 2 support call. Any ideas from the community?


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Unfortunately, you may have to wait for the firmware to be posted so you can try flashing the camera. Then you’ll know if that fixes it. I’ll look into why the V3 firmware isn’t there.
Definitely wait and see what support says.

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Personally, I would advise starting the RMA process ASAP. Get yourself a replacement. Either way, you’re going to be waiting…why not wait on the sure thing versus waiting on a hope and prayer?


Identical issue on my V3. Solid red light can’t reset no customer service reply. This sucks

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Sorry to hear. So that is a warning to others NOT to allow their cams to upgrade unless there’s a good reason. (A practice I’ve followed all along.)

I’m sure Wyze will post versions online before long but that doesn’t make bricked cameras much less annoying.

@paulboykin @Bradkeskey
Could you try using the direction here for manually flashing your v3

Use this link to download a version of the v3 firmware


Thanks for posting the firmware. That’s what I was hoping for, as I’ve had experience manually flashing Pan Cams with good success. However, this one is completely non-responsive, even during the flashing process. Nothing but solid red light. I’ve heard nothing from my initial support request, unfortunately. Looks like I’ll need to replace this one.


Thanks for trying, in this instance unfortunately it sounds like you will need to wait on support

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Does anyone have a release prior to ? I upgraded both my V3 cameras and they are basically unusable for me.

  • Stuck at “Getting video data”
  • Playback does not work
  • PERSON detection does not work

Maybe the previous version is more stable.

There’s a few of us on an earlier thread with the same symptoms (search for V3 camera is buggy). Mine had issues right out of the box. I updated the firmware thinking it would help but its the same.

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Ok thank you. I thought mine might be bad. Hopefully we’ll see an update soon.

Where can I download the factory-installed V3 firmware,

The file is here:


That’s version I’m looking for

It looks like the file hasn’t been uploaded, I’ll look into it.

Thanks, I have 2 V3s, is stable for me, x.125 isn’t. I plan to reflash the old firmware.

One of my v3 starting to act weird with video image viewing on my android app. I decided to reset the camera and same thing is happening exactly as the OP experienced. Has anyone figured out what is causing this? I hope my other 6 v3 don’t start failing. I try to flash firmware but it’s not recognizing anything. My other v3 are still working.



What happens when you try?
Take a look at the instructions, they’re a little different then the V2.
How to flash the firmware.

Im familiar with flashing… I have done it before but this one has no response. It seem to be stuck. I try to setup again with a different phone and still same. The v3 don’t beep for me to continue on with install on app. Seem DEAD :frowning: waiting for customers service to reply if they goingbto send replacement.

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If you emailed or chatted you will be waiting at least a month. Call and work with them over the phone and your replacement will be on the way within a week.