V3 Cameras are forced not to save unless you give access to all your photos

I have 5 cameras V3 Model. All of a sudden as of today when I select a video to download to my photo folder now it shows a box that you have to give access to ALL your photos (the choice of limited access does not work). This is unethical and most likely illegal ( I am checking on that). I own the five cameras, the images are mine and why in the world should I give you a company access to all my photos? Additionally it seems the app is programmed to intentionally not show objects even as large as my pick up truck in the videos! I have to search several minutes each morning to find among dozens and dozens of videos with lots of insects to find the animals and large objects that pass by the five cameras. So disappointed and will never subscribe to their montly fees nor will I give them access to my photos. Within five days if I do not see a change for the better I will return all five to Home Depot.

Welcome to the forums! The access is just to allow the app to be able to write and save onto your device. You said you do not subscribe to camplus? I bet some things are being caught in the cooldown and your not getting an event for them due to the bugs. one way to minimize the bugs is to use a light source different than the onboard ir lights. You can also lower your sensitivity settings or adjust your detection zone.


Prior to the new iOS app 2.20.142 you had a choice to give access to “Selected Photos” or all photos. That selection no longer works. The new app finally got around to letting you download HD videos from the V3 so maybe that screwed thing up ??


Hmmm, possibly. Sorry I am not an iOS user so haven’t experienced these myself. Thanks for the info! :+1:

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I have the same issue.

I have been in contact with them and through six emails a woman by name of Jennifer has been giving me the run around and avoiding the direct question as why should I give you access to ALL my photos and not a selection and why your prompt does not allow clicking on limite access. She is avoiding questions and tells me WELL IF YOU DON"T LIKE It RETURN IT. That is nasty and boarderline illegal. I am not going to give up on this issue and am trying to convince Home Depot to send back to them their entire inventory for this illegal action.

Can I get your ticket number(s) from your times contacting Support so this experience can get looked into? Thanks in advance!

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Yes, thanks for asking. Here it is Wyze Ticket 1234494. I even sent the image of the page I have been talking about

Please note that my only question and concern is in regards to demanding access to ALL PHOTOS instead of option 1 which is limited access. They disabled the limited access and this did not exist when I bought the 5 cameras. I used to forward 12 seconds videos to my folder by one click and now they want access to my entire family’s photos!!

It is illegal for WYZE V3 cameras and then two weeks later ask for access to ALL your photos! The box that opens up shows two choices of limited access and access to all photos. If you click on option 1 it does nothing and freezes. I have exchanged six emails with a woman called Jennifer and she has been giving me the run around and irrelevant answers and even saying YOU ARE WELCOME TO RETURN THEM. I am going to hold them responsible for this unethical approach of trying to get access to customers entire photo files. How do I know that they do not have pedofphyles on board trying to get access to my family phoots? We should hold these guys responsible for not giving straight anwers. I know I will not give up. They most likely sell private information to highest bidders too.

If you take a picture or video from the live stream, or try to save an SD card recording, cloud clip or time lapse to your device, then the app has to ask for permission to save the item.


Sounds like you might be interested in a solution with more fine control over where the photos and videos end up. I have a few IP cameras setup on a local Synology server. Synology has some local software I can run called Surveillance Station to access and monitor the camera feeds. I can still see the photos and videos remotely (by connecting directly to my server at home), and it does alert me of movement, based on my settings. All the data (photos, videos, etc), are only saved on my local system, and never in the cloud or on someone else’s servers. The drawback is the large cost of the system, installation, management, etc, etc. If the Synology was only for camera stuff, there is no way I’d go that route. I enjoy the user experience with Wyze much more, and while I consider my Synology Surveillance system legacy it certainly has its place.

Your log # has been forwarded on. Thanks for providing it!

same issue meant when I bought the camera I could download the 12 seconds videos immediately to my photo files without a need to give Wyze access to my photo album, now they switched and demand access to photo files and all photos not even a selection, all of it!

[mod edit: non sequitur due to merge] On your new issue, they have to ask permission to save to your photos album now. If there is a bug about not being able to do a subset, report it to Wyze using a log file. This is a user-to-user community.

There is another thread reporting the same issue (Camera seems to need access to all photos?).

To clarify, this is NOT an issue with the V3 cameras, just an issue with the app. I have both V2 and V3 cameras and could download photos from both cameras using IOS Wyze app versions prior to V2.20.142. Now, with IOS app V2.20.142 you cannot download photos from any cameras unless the “All photos” option is selected in the app settings.

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This is the issue when a company goes out of its way to intrude to people privacy. What is pissy is that they give the icon for selective photos but it does not work and you have to give them access to all your photos. This should be illegal. I salute Apple for limiting Facebook for such behavior and Wyze should sober up before the lawsuits come in as they did not require such intrusion when cameras were bought.

I can see if you want to save photo, video there is a need to grant access.
However, many company abuses userzs privacy.

Google charged a senior credit card for free games even the senior has never given her credit card number to the game.
How did Google got her credit card number?

Google charge your credit card without number given

Both Android and iOS have to ask permission to do what you asked - to save a photo or clip. This is industry practice. Why do you think this case is unusual?

It is unusual because when I bought my five cameras I could download clips with one click, after a month they switched the version so that you have to give access to all your photos! The selection fir giving partial access does not work.

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