Camera V3 snapshot instead of video

Despite having active yearly cam plus licenses (which i regret procuring), couple of the V3 cameras with assigned cam plus licenses, records snapshots instead of videos intermittently.
It only works when you reboot the cam and un-assign / re-assign the cam plus license, video events records sometimes for a day sometimes 2 and suddenly again goes to snapshot.
Honestly i m really disappointed, i find the App, the products and the services really unreliable.

Not a day that pass that i dont face a problem.


I understand your frustration

Are you sure the cameras all have cam plus ?

Go to account> services and make sure all of your camera have a cam plus license assigned to them

Snapshot instead of video sounds like when I had cam plus lite when it first came up , but I remember somewhere in the settings ( I think event recording or notifications) had the setting where you could change it from screenshot to video


Yes pretty sure and are assigned to the cameras and my video door bell pro . I have opened multiple tickets with the support team
However unfortunately the outcome was

Can’t help because the licenses are procured via Apple Pay.

Mmmm very valid reason

btw the video door bell pro is another disappointment a 4 month old product with battery life of max 1 and half month on permanent power saving mode.

Same , I used to pay for my cam plus through apple but i later found out that if we go through Apple that they charge a fee to process it or whatever .

I had 5 v3’s on monthly licensee renewal and I would get billed $22 a month .

Made no sense , if 5 v3’s have a monthly cam plus license at $1.99 a month .

If my math is correct , which I wasn’t the brightest one in my class with math but 5 X 2 = 10

They were charging a fee and taxes or something adding on , so I’ve now gone and only purchase my licenses through the wyze website directly . This also keeps the prices low and I don’t give my money to apple but Wyze and Wyze only .

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I’ve seen reports of this but I’m not see the fix sorry

I would honestly try , deleting the device , and add the license back and see if that fixes it ?

If issue still persist , posts about in the next fix it friday call outs ? That’s where they ask about the issues people experience , and if others experience it they’ll vote for it and Wyze will decide to fix it

Ty for the recommendations

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Sorry for the CP license issues. The in app purchases of licenses on iOS is a real stickler. That is an Apple policy.

Many times, when the cams are not properly loading their licenses, it helps to clear the cache in the app and the OS. Account → App Settings → Clear. Then Account → Sign Out. Go to your OS and force close the Wyze App. Then restart the app, login and test.

If that doesn’t work, try the same thing again but clear the app cache in the OS as well after the force stop.

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This feature no longer exists. It was removed to avoid subscription confusion. No subscription = thumbnail snapshot, CPL = 12s, CP = Full Length.


Wow , I didn’t know that .

Slab, you are always informed and provide such great knowledge . Thanks

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Then I assume OP, doesn’t have a license added to the cameras if he’s not getting the 12 second clips or full clips …?

It is very possible that the OP has CP and it is assigned but still returning the snapshot.

It could be an issue with the app cache not updating and pulling updated account\cam data from the server, which is what the cache dump forces. Or it could be an iOS specific app issue.

Troubleshoot the local side first. I don’t use iOS, so anything beyond the cache clear and I am useless.


I’m so sick and tired of Wyze NOT recording my !@@##$$#$## videos! UPS came yesterday and delivered 2 packages (a large box containing a pressure washer and a large fan) and other box. The @(@@* outdoor camera caught the #@$#$$@!@ tailight of the UPS truck as he DROVE OFF!!! NOTHING from the ENTRANCE to the DOOR was recorded!!! wtf???

I’ve uploaded my video here as unlisted (for now) Wyze security camera - DOESN'T RECORD SH!*!*! - YouTube

This is the outdoor v2 camera, fully charge, all systems according to the rep I spoke to is updated as well. What BS!


There is no Wyze Cam Outdoor V3.

The Outdoor cam is a battery operated PIR cam that was sold as the Wyze Cam Outdoor. The newest version of that cam is the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2.

The Wyze Cam V3 is an indoor\outdoor plug in wired cam with pixel algorithm motion detection.

The cam activation for recording of motion events can be adjusted in the cam Sensitivity settings.

Some questions to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Are you using CamPlus or Cam Plus Lite?

  2. Is the cam set for only motion events or is Person Detection also set?

  3. What is your cam sensitivity setting?

  4. Do you have a detection zone set?

  5. Do you have an SD card installed with motion tagging on that will show the full event to compare to the Cloud Event video?


Correction it’s the outdoor V2.

The cam activation for recording of motion events can be adjusted in the cam Sensitivity settings.

Some questions to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Are you using CamPlus or Cam Plus Lite?
I’m paying for the CamPlus, not cam plus lite.

2. Is the cam set for only motion events or is Person Detection also set?
Detects Motion is on.
Recording Cooldown - no cooldown
Maximum Video Length - 5 min (never has gone to that amount of time, no matter how much activity is out there…ie mowing a lawn).

3. What is your cam sensitivity setting?
Close set to 90. Low set to 95.

4. Do you have a detection zone set?
Set to off. PIR Effective Area covers where it can pick up anyone entering the driveway…

5. Do you have an SD card installed with motion tagging on that will show the full event to compare to the Cloud Event video?
No SD card. I thought the idea of Cam Plus was to have a longer video recording. Why would I need an SD card in addition to Cam Plus?


I can only speak for the v3 , because that’s the only cameras I have .

The benefit of a micro sd card in a camera is that you can set the camera to record the footage to the micro sd card so you can go back and view the footage it saved .

For example , in your case if you had a v3 you would’ve been able to view the playback and see the event before , during , and after it happened .

There are certainly benefits for the MicroSD card, however, from a security perspective, it’s not a solution at all. The only thing a burglar needs to do is knock the camera down and take it. That’s the end of “security”. This is an outdoor camera and a very bad one at that. This is not the first or 100th time I’ve complained to wyze about this junk.

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Most of my questions were assuming you were using the Cam V3 since that is the Tag and Title of the thread you posted to.

I do not have a WCO so I am only familliar with their operation from what I have read in this forum. I am not going to be able to troubleshoot issues with that cam. I would recommend reviewing posts by @Antonius or @bryonhu who are both expert WCO users.

Also search the forum for WCO specific topics affecting cloud event recording:

That is a user Preference. I find it useful for continuous recording on the V3 when there are moments before or after an event that I want to review. Additionally, it covers any period not captured to the cloud. There are many WCO users who use them as well.

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Is the cam facing head on straight down your driveway? The PIR sensor uses moving heat signatures to detect motion, so if you walk straight at it, it may not trigger. Ideally you want to position it perpendicular to the path so people walk along from one side to the other of its view.

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You don’t need an SD in the WCO unless you want to do scheduled event recording to the SD, Time Lapse or travel mode. If the face of your cam is pointing in the direction of the yellow arrow you will get next to nothing. If you turn it a few degrees left or right so the face of the cam is in the direction of the red or green lines you will have better detection. In the video below of the UPS and FedEx vehicles, the face of the camera is pointing at the white SUV in the driveway on the left. This is from a version 1 WCO that is still doing fine after 22 months.


Hi, it’s pointing straight down the driveway. I’ll give the perpendicular location a try. Thanks for the tip.