Camera V3 snapshot instead of video

Thanks for the tip Antonius. I appreciate it. Based on your and IEatBeans, i’ll move the camera’s position. Thank you all! :smiley:

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The field of view is quite wide so just move it a few degrees at a time so you can still view the area you want to monitor. Straight at or away from the cam is just not good. I moved my 4 cams 6 times until I got them to work just great.
Read all of this:


If you regret purchasing Cam Plus, cancel the subscription. They will refund the remaining unused balance.

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Wyze will refund the pro-rated unused portion of the subscription only if it is purchased directly from Wyze thru their Wyze Services website.

Subscriptions purchased using the shop tab in the Wyze App are purchased from and processed by the App Store for the respective OS of the phone.

Apple will NOT refund subscriptions. I have not read any posts yet about Google’s Play Store refund policy for the Android purchases.


Google will not refund either, and Wyze is unable to refund those since Google/Apple collected the money.


And now I have read a post about that!

Thanks Jason! :pray:

Good info to have.

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Excellent points made.

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Not that this happened here (I think the responses look good), but another undesirable thing about the battery-powered cameras is they must ‘wake up’ to record an event. This is to save battery power, but it will always cause a delay in recording. So if you have any ability to power something like a normal flagship V3 cam with an outdoor adapter or the like, you will be much happier over a battery-powered Wyze Outdoor Camera. The V3 is also an outdoor camera if you power it right.


I have one V3 that does this intermittently and in reviewing my logs, everytime it has been because the camera was losing signal to my router. The camera is 80 feet from the router, so I am amazed how well it does at that distance.

I don’t think I’m losing any notifications, so I then go to the camera’s SD card and view the playback video. On a few occasions, I didn’t even get the snapshot, just a notification.
I hope to soon replace my network with a mesh router and 2 or 3 satellites to take care of this problem.


I had the same issue and I had to rotate theee of my V3 cams with CamPlus either two on CamLite to stop getting snapshots instead of video. At one point, I accepted the fact that 12 seconds of video on CamLite was better than no video. I sent in multiple tickets all were ignored except two. One asked if I was sure I was assigning the cameras to the ones I had assigned CamPlus to to avoid just 12 seconds of video. I replied that prior to this ongoing issue, my cameras on CamPlus were performing just fine. The final reply was actually ridiculous. I was asked to cancel all CamPlus subscriptions on the cameras and I would be refunded for the seven months remaining of CamPlus. I was asked to delete the cameras and then install them again. THEN, I was asked to purchase the three CamPlus subscriptions… all for another FULL year and at FULL price. I replied that there was no way that I was doing that nor be coerced into renewing for another year when I don’t like CamPlus as it is with numerous false detections…(squirrels are actually vehicles and birds are people… did you know that? :joy: This is true despite any detection sensitivity.) The reply I received was that she was sorry to hear that and she knew how frustrated I was. I’m thinking about canceling all of my CamPlus remaining subscriptions, getting the refund… and going to CamLite.

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I get this too a couple times per month. I’m not trouble shooting all the blah blha. I pay for the Cam Plus, it happens on multiple cameras. This is a WYZE issue. It’s what you get for a $35 camera. I’ve had Wyze cameras for 7 years now.

@AEF. Ymbavbp.

… and if you waste time debugging and fixing whatever new problem, it’ll be good until the next firmware or app update, when it breaks again. But then, there is the Wyze product price.


The issue is that the V3 cameras works just fine… mine were $20…the issue is a software issue on their end not mine so your comment is not applicable to the problem at hand.

Seriously? That’s your reply to me?

I have V2 and V3 cameras. Both of which will at various times not upload video. 95% of the time they all work fine. I have had Wyze cameras for 7-8 years now, I am fully aware of their hardware and software functionality.

Yep! That’s my response. Seriously.

I have to say, this is a big reason I’ll look at another brand if I need another camera. I pay for Cam Plus on my doorbell, and if it records 10 videos in a day I’ll have one that shows the 12 second limitation. It’s very unreliable

The “full length” videos are no more than 20-30 seconds either, my daughter was dancing in front of the doorbell the other day and it just stopped recording shortly after she started. The next clip was her further out in the driveway. It says the trees waving in my yard are people, so I turned the sensitivity down, but then it doesn’t even keep recording people 3’ from it.

That’s too bad. 90% of the time the cameras work well. Appreciate your adult comment in this thread.

I appreciate your adult commentary on the issues as well. Others simply dismiss other’s experiences by being dismissive and saying, “Well, I’VE never had that issue and I’VE had my cameras for 7 years… and the cameras only cost $37, so what do you expect?” How are such comments helpful?

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I felt the same way for the first few weeks and now I feel like things are finally running fairly smoothly. I’m not sure why things were more difficult at first but I’m glad I worked through the initial learning period.