Camplus service cam2 apple issues

Just a general rant about v2 cam and camplus service.
it stopped working for us after getting forced to sing up for it till 2023 via apple with only way to get refund was via them which sucks . but the fact that it doesn’t even work with our v2 cam after getting it and having it for awhile kinda sucks. next unit worked outdoors for a damn good while bring it indoors and it flakes out for a bit before most recent firmware updates and os update.
your company maybe has too many eggs and is letting what was your flag ship product down.
if you need testers we were signed up all testing was in u.s on the board i’m in canada.
recording and stuff i may get around with a docker bit of software to keep all recordings but things need to change and bug smasher needs to get his pay reduced till he smahes said bugs.