V2 WPA3 support - Does anyone have it working?

Yeah, the situation is far from ideal. I’m 100% with you when it comes to changing the firmware release notes. Nothing should have been removed, but rather a note added. When it comes to the new routers, I’m going to assume they will support WPA3. In order for a router to be WiFi 6 certified it must support WPA3. So the only devices WYZE will have that supports WPA3 will be their routers.
That is just nutty.




Over time, more and more devices will support WPA3. New standards are not implemented instantly for a variety of reasons. Some get added faster than others. Some new standards largely never really get widely implemented and usually die a slow death - usually because the one manufacturer that wanted it refuses to believe that no one else does. Or because something better comes along.

I agree with the first sentence I quoted above whole heartedly. The second sentence I quoted goes into my “fanboy and fangirl excuse” bucket.

WPA3 was ratified over 4-years ago and for darn good reason. Namely because WPA2 is a joke!

For a company that touts security services, you would think (some would expect) that they would make use of current security standards. Apparently they tried in July of 2021 and failed terribly. Thus this thread and my relentless push for WPA3 on all WYZE products, not just v2 cams.

To offer a “PRO” camera that does not support WPA3 is just plain shameful.

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And in about 5 more years, most (not all) devices will support it. You seem to be under the belief that just because a new standard was adopted 4 years ago, everyone will jump onto that new standard very quickly. In the real world, it almost never works that way. Similar reason that old technology is continued to be used. How many people are still using Windows 7, or even XP? I can name a major industry (where security is an issue) that is largely still using XP.
And BTW, WPA2 works just fine for the vast majority of users…

the level of knee-jerk low-info apologists in these forums serves no productive purpose.

its ok to have a legitimate gripe with wyze, and this is one of those worth griping about. they aren’t going to get mad at you and stop selling you v3 cams.

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Do you work or have you worked in the IT industry? I have for over two decades. Do you understand how quickly the industry changes and how fast products become outdated or unsupported? I know all about changing standards and how the industry deals with them. Let me bottom line this for you. All companies serious about WiFi security support WPA3 because they know WPA2 and its predecessors (WPA and WEP) have major known issues and vulnerabilities. Companies that are not serious about security have not incorporated WPA3 into their products. Again, WYZE is the one that said they support WPA3 for V2 cams back in JULY OF 2021! Here we are at the end of 2022 waiting for them to make good on something they said worked on the V2s.

Sure, there are indeed people using old operating systems. Would you consider those people to be smart or security conscious? The two operating systems you mentioned are extremely vulnerable with known security risks. Consumers connecting to the Internet with either of those operating systems are putting themselves at risk. Heck I recently finished a contract with a fortune < 100 company based in Minnesota that still relies on DOS 6.22 to run a large thermal direct transfer license plate printer. This particular model printer is used to print license plates for dozens of states throughout the USA and at least one province or territory in Canada. I get it, people and companies use old crap all of the time. Does that make it right? Does that make it secure? Heck no it does not.

Do most consumers or people purchasing WPA2 devices to “secure” their home know the truth about WPA2? I’m going to venture a guess and say, no they do not. If people buying WPA2 devices to secure their home knew the truth about WPA2, do you think they would buy those devices? Get on board with trying to make WYZE better by holding them accountable or feel free to continue making excuses.

Any news as to how many more releases we will need to wait? I have been waiting 1.5 years for the functionality “added” in July of 2021 to actually work. To say my patience is running thin is an understatement to say the least.


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Having just gotten my very first V3s I too am curious. The feature would really make them security cameras rather than toys like my (great) V2s.

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I have not poked around recently to see if there is a new answer. Let me do that and see if I can get some more info.


Happy 2023. Just a friendly nudge to see if you had a chance to get an update on this within the past two weeks. Also, any word on WPA3 for the V3 or V3 pro “security cameras”?


Good morning @WyzeJasonJ. I have been waiting for over two months for an update. Please advise and thank you for your time.


Running behind from having time off, but I just asked about this today (based on the other post of yours I saw earlier) once I get an answer I will revisit both threads and update.


Just coming back to give an update. I was told it is currently in QA testing and after it passes that it will start working through beta. I do not have the timeline though, I will keep an eye on the progress though.


Well that’s good to hear, thanks @WyzeJasonJ . Is this for V2, V3, or both?

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I was replying specifically about v2 and Pan v1, I will have to see if the schedule is the same for the others.


So it could still be a year or more? Certainly wasn’t Q4 last year or Q1 this year. For functionality “officially released” 19 months ago I would think there would be a bit more priority. I’m not shooting the messenger here, but am making an observation. Thank you for the update. Once it hits beta please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to join the beta team to test this functionality.

I don’t see it as shooting the messenger. I would love to know the answers to why it was listed as released when it never was. All I can do at this point is to keep bugging them to release it and updating here.


Thanks again @WyzeJasonJ .

My speculation is in July of 2021 the development team fixed the bugs with their WPA2 implementation such that the v2 cams would function in mixed (aka transition) mode security properly. It is the only thing that makes sense to me, as WPA3 has simply never worked across the entire product line.

I know for a fact that there was a point in time that the v2 cams did not function in transition mode. To further speculate, whomever was involved in creating the July 2021 release notes was either given incorrect information or interpreted the information they were given incorrectly. Again, that’s my theory as to what happened. This speculative theory could be tested by rolling back firmware versions, but I’m not feeling nearly that ambitious. :slight_smile:

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Nearly another 6 months has slipped by and still nothing. @WyzeJasonJ do you happen to have an update on this? We are coming up on two full years since WYZE stated this WPA3 was functioning on v2 Cams. Where is the accountability?

I do not have an update on this, I will, however, dig in again and remind them at one point we stated this was done.

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