V2 face detection error

Log #206017
Had person detected on V2 fw, app 2.20.21, Android.
Name is shown in event list.
Event shows unknown.
Clicking on image gives “no unknown people in the last 14 days” screen.
Going to manage people, shows the image as unknown.

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Facial profile sorting is not working for me at all. I posted about it in the new AI announcement thread about how this program is back:

Perhaps mention in that thread that you are having some issues with the Face filtering options. They don’t work for me at all.

Curious, I’m on the same v2 firmware and android v2.20.50 but I don’t see face detection…. Am I missing something obvious?

Have to have Cam Plus.

Yeah, you have to have a special approval added to your account to test it because it’s not a public thing yet and not even automatically given to everyone with Beta. You have to sign up to test the extra features. Read this post:

It includes links to sign up to test the unreleased features.


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