Wyze AI Newsletter - May 2021

Hello all,

This is Shawn from Wyze! The Wyze AI team has been receiving more and more questions about what goes on behind the scenes to build our AI technologies. We want to keep you updated on what our team is up to and how it will impact your AI experience! So these messages are about to become a regular thing.

Actually, we’ve been testing this out for the last 2 months as we worked to make the info more accessible (tech jargon is fun but not the best way to communicate with everyone all the time). In case you are interested in reading the previous posts and discussions, you can find them here: March 2021 and April 2021.

Wyze AI Model Updates

This month, the Wyze AI model update mainly focused on improving Pet Detection. Pet Detection is ready to be launched after 6 months of pilot testing! We ran the final rounds of training for Pet Detection to improve the performance of the model last month. Specifically:

  • Average precision (AP) for large objects (indoor pet monitoring use cases) reached our production level.
  • For medium and small object detection, we’ve improved the AP by 66% (medium size) and 100% (small size) compared to what it was before. Though it’s still challenging to detect smaller pets or pets that are farther away (like pets on a walkway).
  • Pet detection in night vision mode also improved.

You can play with Pet Detection by going to Account > Services > Cam Plus under the Active Subscription section. Select the device and turn on the feature. If you see any incorrect Pet Detection results, we’d really appreciate it if you submitted the video to us using the banner at the bottom of your Event video so we can use it for improving the models!

In addition to Pet Detection, we also added more feedback data to improve Person, Vehicle, and Package Detection to cover more edge cases.

Face Recognition v2

If you enrolled in the Wyze Face Recognition test before, you may be aware that Face Recognition was shut down and undergoing a system migration from v1 to v2. This month, I’m glad to announce that after a full month of intensive migration work and internal testing, the Wyze Face Recognition service is opening up again for testers. The new system:

  • Groups similar faces together so that you can quickly identify unknown visitors and watch the videos.
  • Improves the accuracy of detecting qualified faces for recognition. Check out the FAQ here for guidance on improving detection.

If you were a Face Recognition v1 tester, the feature is ready to be used! Just go to the Cam Plus settings page and turn on the face recognition feature again. If you were not previously a tester and are interested in testing the feature now, you can sign up here.

This Month’s Wyze AI Build

In addition to the model performance, we are also about to test a new mechanism to improve the AI performance on Wyze Cam v3. If you are interested in testing, sign up here. More details will be sent through email if you’ve been added to the test crew and we’re ready to start.

AI Data Bounty Hunter

To help us with training the new models and building new AI features, we are looking for the example data listed below. If you can find a few videos matching these descriptions in your list and are willing to send them to us using the video feedback tool, it would be super helpful for accelerating the improvement speed!

  • Videos with babies inside the frame
  • Videos with audio of a dog barking
  • Videos with audio of a baby crying
  • Videos with packages inside the frame
  • Videos with animals inside the frame including but not only limited to dogs, cats, birds, and bears (we hope you don’t have a bear in your home but we have actually received videos of this before).

You can submit the video using the banner at the bottom of your Event video.

Before You go…

Like I said earlier, we’ve been posting these updates for the last couple of months. If you would like to check out the previous posts or see other Wyze News, please check out our forum category here.


I submitted 2 cams to help out with the new AI performance.

I did see that the facial recognition is back, but it still doesn’t do anything. I have profiles for myself, my daughter, wife, baby, and brother-in-law, and I reactivated the facial recognition back on to 5 Cameras with Cam Plus, including my doorbell and other cams that definitely get good face shots (and I did this as soon as it came back several days ago, maybe a week ago?), but even though they’ve all be active again that long, when I try to sort by face profiles, nothing is ever found or sorted. It’s as if it doesn’t work at all for events sorting or anything. I can select the face profile by itself and it shows nothing for any profile, or I can check the “Person checkbox” and it will show all videos with a “person” but not limit it to the face profile, so it is pointless, I get all events that were detected as person, not matter who is in them. Also, it would be more useful to be able to EXCLUDE a facial profile or multiple facial profiles, such as if I select myself and my wife and tell it to show ALL OTHER events, then I could see all person events that don’t involve us. That would be much more useful. But again, currently, it does nothing. Maybe it’s just a bug? Can anyone else with facial profile access confirm whether any of the sorting/filtering works for you?

I also have no way to filter to see pet videos. Videos will identify and label “pet” sometimes, but I can’t sort to see events that were identified with a pet. This should be updated.


Thanks for the great info.

Signed up for the Facial Recognition and the AI Performance for the V3’s. Signed up 3 camera’s


Request to assist submitted.

Thank you

Can you shoot me an email of you mac address so that we can take a look at? Thanks!

If in the event tab, you click the funnel looking thing, scroll alllll the way to the bottom, and a few up do you see “pet”?

I feel sheepish to admit this, but I think in my lack of sleep Haze I was clicking on “Camera” instead of the funnel and then didn’t see the filter options yesterday! :rofl: Crazy things can happen to all of us I guess. Pet filtering definitely shows up and definitely works. I must have been delusional about that yesterday…only explanation. Thanks! I did get 9hrs sleep last night to make up for my deprived state of yesterday though.

I did check that the face detection filtering still does nothing though, so that wasn’t delusional. I checked both from the main filtering page and doing it through the funnel icon. I can select face profiles, but it won’t identify any events with those people in them. Maybe I should try deleting the profiles (which were created during initial test) and try starting over?

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I sent the email with a list of all MAC addresses using Cam Plus, and included a screenshot to show you my 5 facial profiles.

As I said in the email, I’m not upset or anything, just happy to help out and let you know when something isn’t working the way someone would expect. I know you guys will get everything working satisfactory eventually. Playing around with new toys is just fun and it feels good to help when able.


I’ve applied twice, am a Beta Tester and Cam Plus Subscriber, and have contacted many Wyze Wizards about it, yet I still don’t have Facial Recognition. To top it all off, if I was sent an email, I probably didn’t receive it because my app keeps turning off email notifications. Please help me out Wyze Peeps!