USPS Shipping and Tracking C'mon People

USPS United States Postal Service is a joke when it comes to tracking a package period. The only thing their tracking numbers are good for is to prove something entered the system in case it never arrives so you can report it lost. I have NEVER had a package that was trackable in route with them. Has always said shipping info received then nothing changed until after my item was delivered. Anyone complaining or blaming Wyze for shipping times is talking to the wrong entity. USPS are the ones at blame for significant delays because of Covid and personnel problems. They just dont have enough people to handle the world one day having to stay home and basically shop from home every item they would normally just hop to the store for. On a normal day maybe 1-2 people out of 50 ships or orders something. Now it’s literally no joke real statistic of over 5000% change… That’s like you having to work 1 hour one day and 5000 hours the next day. Huge difference… If Wyze is to blame for anything it’s for the fact that they are still using USPS to ship their products at the moment. Everyone’s having a rough time you aren’t alone but instead of being one of the ones that adds to and compounds a bad situation why don’t you stop complaining and be more understanding and patient. People are dying and losing loved ones that wish their biggest problems were waiting on an order to arrive. Think about that


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Welcome to the Forum @Gpsy. You have some good sentiments. There are certainly more important things going on now than how quickly I get my motion sensor!


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I agree, the Post Office is the worst for tracking. Even their carriers are terrible at leaving your packages to the side on your porch, so they can’t seen from the street and get stolen. They leave them right in front of your door, so everyone to see. I hope the Post Office goes under, we don’t need them anymore. And don’t get me going on how expensive stamps are now!

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Who do you guys think will deliver your packages if USPS goes under? Let’s think about these numbers for a minute. Keep in mind I’m not defending the companies mind you, but these employees are worked like dogs.
A rural USPS carrier, driving their own vehicle, can have as many as 800 to 1500 stops daily, mail and parcels, 6 days a week. And some work on Sundays as well delivering Amazon packages.
I was a shipping/receiving mgr for over 20 yrs for a couple of large companies, but also worked for FedEx Ground for 3 years to help a contractor friend out and I can’t begin to fathom that many stops.
Speaking of FedEx Ground and Home Delivery (same division)(no benefits, pay is awful at best), these guys work on a salary basis so these drivers that start at about 7 am, deliver til sometimes 11pm, get home by 12 or 12:30, sleep really fast, and do it again in a few hours, for 8 hrs pay! These contractors care about nothing but their pockets, and as you could imagine, they go through drivers like Trump through staff members.
UPS is truly the only carrier you can rely on, and sometimes FedEx Air (different division, good pay, good benefits) Great tracking system, by the way. But they can’t do it all…


Exactly like you say my friend!. Underpaid, underappreciated, understaffed and worked like dogs on a NORMAL day and now with this all going on? That was my point for people complaining about their orders taking longer then usual. This is the problem with the “system” as a whole. Everyone expects everything with no consideration for those actually doing the work. Unless you are going to do it yourself then give people that are still out there risking their health and safety to provide services people normally take for granted a break and even a thank you and a pat on the back for a change


I am not to crazy about usps. There customers services are not the greatest. that is why the lost the market share to other companies

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None of you mentioned USPS Informed Delivery. You need to sign up for it, but then every day you’ll get sent info on what is scheduled for delivery – and when packages are being delivered often a day notice and detail as to where they are delivered. The nice thing, when something wasn’t delivered though should have been because it was shown as delivered, I was able to go to the website dashboard and mark it missing. Post office took care of getting the item delivered.

Yes, I don’t think the tracking is great, but I send things internationally and so don’t ever have the ability to track those. I find, estimated delivery for US mail is generally accurate, or was before the country got really crazy.


My brother actually subscribes to that service through the post office. Me I’m old fashioned. When I open my mail box I like the surprise of not knowing which collection agency I’ll find a letter from with the intent to place a lien on my first born or maybe a pipe bomb filled w/16 penny nails courtesy of my ex-wife

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Yes, International shipping through another country’s carrier, is a pure crap shoot. In my most recent situation, I ordered a small amount of surgical masks from a wholesaler in GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi China, and it has been the most unorganized and pretty much impossible system of getting any information, updates, or info on the shipping whatsoever.

This product will fit into a medium size manilla folder, with a weight of no more than 1kg, and I’m told after placing the order it is in stock, but will take right at 2 MONTHS to deliver!!! Yes Months.

I told him I got daily shipments of ocean containers full of car parts for mass production on the slow boat in 1 month. I asked him how in the world could they possibly operate a business that takes that long to get an envelope with in stock product 2 months to get to the US. So pathetic!! Tried to cancel at that point, but not allowed to. What a rip-off.

USPS is still better than FedEx smartpost.


I have never had a problem with USPS. Each item I purchased from Wyze or any company using USPS was delivered as indicated. Even items internationally were routed through USPS showed up, no damage no delay with the exception of Customs requirements.


That’s exactly how he gets away with it… People not realizing the length of time it takes to be delivered. They, like you and I’ll admit myself also just see the super cheap prices and think ok I can wait what maybe 2 week’s to get my order… Then that 2 week’s come and go then another 2 week’s lol… It’s always took 20-30days to get my E-Packets from China. What you don’t pay for in price you pay for in wait time. The only time I find it bothersome is of course the first time it happened because they make it sound like you’ll get your order in 2 weeks and then when they hide the fact it’s coming from China. They do that alot on EBay. The seller will have a US business address but then ship from China. Now of course YOU’D be happy to get it in a month lol.

You got that right!!

You are exceptionally blessed. As most aren’t quite so much in that area.

See I’ve never had a problem with UPS or DHL and their tracking information is consistent and usually spot on. USPS though as ive mentioned has never ever ever never provided me with more then the standard “shipping information received” listed when I’ve tried to track my package and has only ever changed after I had already got the delivery. For someone who doesn’t know or expects a higher quality of service when they pay additional for something I can see how it would piss them off. Personally I can’t stand using USPS and will go out of my way to use another carrier or pay additional for another service provider

I’ll admit the packages do show up mainly in their listed shipping times when using USPS but for someone that likes to track and know exactly where their package is that maybe has a right schedule doesn’t have the luxury of waiting around several days for a package to show or take the chance it will get stolen then USPS is the Anti-Christ lol

UPS and FedEx Ground are good. It is just FedEx smartpost that I have an issue with. I have never had the problem with USPS that you are having. I download the USPS app and when I get a tracking number I put it in and I also have it text me when any change in the shipment such as each destination and is started to the next destination is made. When is gets to my post office, it lets me know when it is on the truck to be delivered to my house. I have a good relationship with my post carrier and she scans my package as delivered a few minutes before she gets here so I can be there at my mailbox to get my package due to porch thieves.


The only thing that helps in tracking something with USPS is to sign up for the Informed Delivery on their website as the gentleman eluded to earlier. Each time you are expecting a package, on their website, sign in and check off what aspects you want to be notified about such as delivery exceptions, to each time the package is scanned at all hubs, to final delivery. And of course how you want to be notified. It is a “very close to” real time service as when they’ve handed me the package, Ive gotten the email within a couple minutes that it’s been delivered.