Fed X = Less than optimum

First off,
WYZE, love the products, keep them coming.
Choice of shippers??? Honestly, a bicycle could have made it faster.
I use the WYZE store as an objection to buying from the the big A.
Over the last 10 days I have had 2 boxes bouncing between cities in California and Washington.
No way around it… Fed X sucks. Waiting on a box for 10 days, and that’s not from order date, that is from emailed shipping date. I used to live in California, the box has seen more cities than I ever did.
Track this.

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Well FedEx Smartpost uses the local post office to do the last mile delivery. I dont know how it is by you but this covid thing has made shipments delayed everywhere. I had no issues getting my item in time. This seems like a FedEx issue not Wyze…

Welcome to the Wyze community @OffGridThad!
Sorry about this experience! You’re definitely not the only one having issues with FedEx shipping.
Once Wyze ships your order, they don’t have much control over shipping. I would contact FedEx about this.

Once Wyze ships your order, they don’t have much control over shipping.

But they do have control over which shipping company and contract they can choose to use. So it’s 100% Wyze’s fault. If they did not know about this Fedex delay issue before signing the contract with them, it’s also their fault.

B2B shipping contracts are so much cheaper so don’t try to defend them on how high the shipping rate would be if they switched to a better one.

Either they need to provide more shipping options or bump up their product price so they have some margin to work around.

To say that Wyze has no control over shipping is a huge understatement and sugarcoating their poor decision.

You seem to think that ups is any better. The issues are always regional. My day job is with an ecommerce company. I hear these same complaints and it’s always regional. Some areas FedEx is great others ups.

Contact FedEx. Wyze can switch to ups and I promise the same issue will occur.

I don’t mean to minimize your issue. It’s a terrible situation but seriously wyze can only do so much. Once its in the shippers hand they are the ones you want to get mad at.

I Think the only reason that FedEx gets out of the truck, is that they know I and me neighbors have cameras now… As much as I hate them, no matter what shipper is used there will be some hate but to beat a beat horse, I am a bigger fan of USPS and UPS.
The only thing you can really do here is contact FedEx and complain, and ask them to investigate why the horrid bouncing about.