Using Thermostat as a trigger for a Wyze plug

Hello! I just recently purchased a Wyze thermostat (I love it so far). I also just recently bought a small room humidifier that I have positioned near the heating vent in my room. This humidifier is plugged into a Wyze outlet. My goal was to have the humidifier outlet turn on when the heat kicks on, and turn off when the furnace stops heating. I was able to accomplish the first part - I created a rule using the thermostat as a device trigger; when it enters heating mode, it turns on the Wyze outlet that controls the humidifier. However, I can’t get the second part to work - when the thermostat reaches temperature and turns the furnace off, the humidifier outlet remains on. And there’s no device trigger for the thermostat that says “When the thermostat STOPS heating, do _____”. This would be an awesome feature - any chance it’s on the Wyze to-do list? Thanks!

After reading your post I got curious. I have an Ecobee thermostat connected to SmartThings along with some Kasa smart plugs which would let me do what you’re attempting. Don’t have a Wyze thermostat so can’t help there.

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I don’t see a way with the thermostat to turn off the plug.

You could set a IF plug on for X minutes then turn off.

So if x temp turns on the plug x time (average time the house takes to heat) would turn off the plug.

I searched through the wishlist but did not see a request to trigger when heating/cooling stops.
This would be a good add. Here is how to use the wishlist.

Secondary thought. If you have the Wyze sense hub and climate sensors you could set humidity and temp rules for the plug.

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There’s this generic thermostat wishlist item:

But it really needs to be added as a specific trigger request:

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at the very least Wyze should let the Sense Hub talk to the outlets and sensors directly so there isn’t so much delay in the data, triggers and actions that we are currently seeing with the cloud controlling everything…would be nice to have much higher refresh rate on the data coming from the sensors (currently taking multiple minutes to see values change in the app and triggers to action).