Thermostat/Sensor humidity triggers

Question about the new thermostat and sensor. Will I be able to trigger actions based on humidity/temperature settings?

For example - I have a dehumidifier plugged into a Wyze plug, will I be able to set triggers to turn the plug on/off based on a humidity level in the house?

Example 2 - I have a fan plugged into a Wyze plug, will I be able to trigger that plug on/off based on the temperature of the sensor?

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Wyze hasn’t released any information on this currently. This is definitely a great idea though!:+1:

I am looking fwd to this feature as well. It would be best if there were small sensors for humidity and temperature that can be paired with plugs without needing to replace existing home thermostat that controls the central system. Plug should be programmable to switch on/off based on schedule and temp or humidity level so I can turn it on only at night when temp/ humidity is really low for portable heater or humidifier