Device Trigger: Wyze Thermostat Humidity reading

I know there is an item for a WiFi humidity sensor. This is specifically for a device trigger (not new hardware) for when the Thermostat (or climate sensors) reach a specific humidity. I would like this to turn on and off wyze plugs and wyze switches.

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Trigger for Climate sensor already exists. I’m not sure about trigger for thermostat and can’t test it as I don’t own one. Perhaps a @Mavens could chime in here. I’ve tested climate sensor temp and humidity triggers against bulb, bulb color and plug… all work great. Can’t test switches as I don’t have any yet.


No thermostat here either


Responding to the bat signal, no thermostat or climate sensors yet (though I have some in the mail coming as we speak). Sorry can’t help!


No thermostat or climate sensors here :neutral_face:


I dont have a climate sensor, but I have 2 thermostats and there is no device trigger for humidity nor temperature. The only triggers are for status changes (home, sleep, or away) and for when it is switched to cool or heat.