Add high humidity alert to thermostat

I need to be able to know when excess humidity occurs at our beach house, mostly in the winter when a lot of rain and warmer temperatures can create a mold situation. If I knew the humidity was, for example, above 65%, I could remotely turn on the portable dehumidifier via the Wyze Smart Plug, or lower the AC temp setting to draw out the moisture.

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This would be a great integration feature for the thermostat. Be sure to vote for your wish above.

If you have the Wyze Sense Hub, the Wyze Climate Sensors have the ability to send you a notification when temp and humidity thresholds are exceeded. They can also be used in Wyze App Rules to automatically turn on Wyze Plugs or the Wyze Thermostat when those thresholds are met.

When I am away and my HVAC unit is off, my climate sensors will automatically trigger my AC unit to switch to Home mode, the air kicks on and cools until the humidity reaches the lower set threshold and then is switched back to off automatically. It will do the same for the Wyze plugs hooked up to a dehumidifier.