Trigger Wyze smart plug to turn On and Off based on temperature

I have a Wyze smart plug that I use to control a heat lamp I have setup for our Cat in our garage. I would like to set up some type of trigger that will turn the plug On at or below a specified temperature (either outdoors in our local Zip code) or inside the garage itself with another sensor, and then turn it Off once the temperature has risen above the specified temperature.

It does NOT look like Wyze has any built-in rules to do this and I havent found anything in IFTTT that would accomplish this either. Would the Wyze Sense Climate Sensor integrate with the plug to act as a trigger, or is there another sensor available without using a hub? Thanks in advance!

You may need to switch ecosystems.

Using Hubitat Elevation as an example (others are available such as HomeKit and SmartThings), this can be accomplished easily.

Naturally a device that measures temperature is required, along with a plug that responds to commands from the HE hub.

I made a rule just now to show how easy it is.

I am a city boy and guessed at the temps your chickens prefer :grin:

If Wyze sold a temperature sensor, moving to another ecosystem would not be necessary.

A plug for HE : if you lose internet this rule still runs. Hubitat Elevation does not require an external server - a hub in my home handles everything.

@TomG Thanks for the feedback! So the Wyze Sense Climate Sensor will not work in this scenario and act as a trigger for the Wyze Smart Plug? Thats kind of a bummer that there isnt an easy way to do this within the Wyze ecosystem…

I’m not familiar with Hubitat Elevation, do they have their own Smart Plug devices that their HE hub connects to, or are you saying you can use the HE hub to control the Wyze smart plug?

The climate sensors can be used to do what you want, but you need to buy the Home Monitoring Hub which is only available with a monitoring subscription, at least as far as I know. YoLink offers similar products (temp sensor, smart hub, plugs, outlets, etc.) but then you are into a whole other ecosystem.

The other problem with any of these solutions is reliance on internet connection and cloud servers. You can purchase simple temperature controlled plugs (thermo-cube is simple plug and play) some are even thermostats.

From what little I know the Wyze devices can’t be controlled or monitored through HE. Perhaos IFTTT might offer a solution.

Since a Wyze hub and subscription are required to do what you want I would consider HE as a possible solution.

I’m not recommending HE over Wyze. I have lots of cameras, the scale, the air purifier and others. Both are great at what they do.

HE does not require an internet connection. Everything runs locally.

Not for a lot of automation devices, I suspect. Just like IFTTT you need an integration with the device which frequently means internet servers. For example, Wyze and and YoLink work with IFTTT, but you need to link your account. Likewise, YoLink works with Home Assistant but still requires access to YoLink account and severs to provide functionality. Zwave devices probably would work without any internet.

The Wyze Plug is fully integrated with both Alexa and Google Home which are both free to use. The Wyze Plug has both On and Off Action commands with Alexa and Google Home so that it can be turned on and off thru either automation platform with an available trigger from another device.

Since your objective is to not add more hardware necessary, such as the Wyze Sense Hub which is required for the Wyze Climate Sensor, or complicated automation systems, you may want to research a Smart Temperature Sensor that is Alexa or Google Home compatible and has Trigger options available in those automation platforms allowing them to trigger an action on the Wyze Plug. One example would be the Tuya Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor which appears to have temperature threshold triggers within Alexa and Google Home.

If you already have an Amazon Echo device and use Alexa, you may not need to purchase a Smart Temperature Sensor. The fourth generation Echo smart speaker line has a temperature sensor built in, as do Echo Show displays and Echo Plus speakers. These can be used to trigger Alexa routines when the temperature in a room reaches a set point.

I’m in the process of testing it, but it looks like what you want to do would be possible with IFTTT using an “If This” from Weather Underground and a “Then That” from Wyze. I’ve used similar Weather Underground triggers in IFTTT to turn on Wyze bulbs and change their color, so I expect this applet to work with the outdoor plug I’m testing now.

That’s been my experience. This is what I’m testing for @kdrymer, since IFTTT was mentioned in the original post:


Edit: My test apparently worked and just executed. In order to make sure I’d see it, I set up a rule in the Wyze app so that IF Outdoor Plug 1 turned on then DO turn on Outdoor Plug 2. Then I had another thought, because I didn’t want to miss it, so I created a Household Routine in Google Home to trigger off Outdoor Plug 2 turning on as a starter and then make an announcement on my nearby smart speaker and turn three Wyze Bulb Colors blue.

For what it’s worth, I’m using the IFTTT Free plan, so I’m limited to 2 applets at a time, but it seems like it’d be an easy solution to your problem without investing in additional hardware or adding another ecosystem to whatever IoT mix you’ve already got.