Looking for a solution to cycle power based on temperature

I’m looking for a solution where I can use a temperature sensor (climate sensor) to turn off a wyze plug when the temperature drops below a pre-set limit. From what I see the climate sensor is only available as part of a monitored system which I am not looking at right now. Is there a way I can use this temperature sensor to trigger a plug without having to get the whole system?

Welcome to the community @Grombic . I am a community member as you are but try to help when I can.

Since you don’t need or want a monitoring system, there is limited things you can do. One item you can do is to leverage Alexa. Add the Wyze Skill to Alexa and then either get another Venors Temp Sensor which is Alexa Enabled and then Have Alexa turn off the Plug when the Temp Drops below a setting. There may even be a weather skill in Alexa which you could tie to, but not sure on this one.

You can also try IFTTT as they have other types of integrations and rules. There may be one based on Temperature.

Thank you for the reply. I had a feeling that other options might be available but like the Wyze platform and am hoping for a solution using Wyze products. I don’t have an Alexa currently nor do I have a desire to get one.

Sounds like a job for Arduino

Let me restate Grombic’s request. Wyze, please provide a stand alone temperature sensor capable of sending on/off signals to the Wyze Plugs. With such a device, one should be able to control a Wyze plug using a rule in the app to trigger the plug based upon the temperature reading from the temperature sensor.

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