Please add Alexa integration to the Wyze Climate Sensors

I have climate sensors in every room of my house but I’m the only one who can see the information they gather because I’m the only one with the Wyze App. Additionally, it would just be so much easier to say ‘Alexa, what’s the temperature in master bedroom?’ or ‘Alexa, what’s the humidity in the garage?’ Am I alone in this?


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This request has been posted on the Wishlist in the past.

To support the prior request, follow the link, drop a like :heart: heart on it, vote for the Wishlist thread at the very top, and add a reply to the post if you would like to add any additional comments.

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Please add Alexa integration to Wyze Temp sensor. Would like to be able to turn on a fan when temp rises above 80 degrees. Please consider this. #wishlist

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As indicated in the post to which you replied. In order for your request and your vote to be included in the Wishlist, you need to follow the link, vote, and reply in that thread. Not here.