Using PC to view SD card recordings

I wrote it using Python3, and ffmpeg does all the video magic.

I assumed you were going to use ffmpeg. It’s a very useful tool.
I tried it on a with Python 2.7 installed because I have some other stuff running that version. Will try a different PC.
The .exe seems to work fine though.

Thanks again.

Your very welcome, I’m just glad that someone other than myself gets some use out of my efforts.

Bah, humbug

This was something that I couldn’t stand…so many 1 minute clips…yet if you don’t watch it all…oh dear god! (Joking, now I have learned to start paying attention to times and stuff, But I digress…)

My first solution, or workaround, was to download and use VLC. You can use Windows Media Player but I found it a pain to work with for whatever reason. I was able to queue up the hour clips, like most other media players, but then I had the option to speed up or slow down at many different intercalls. You can also do a Spinal Tap and make the volume go to 11, or whatever. It got the job done for the most part.

I’ve been teaching myself how to edit so I’ve been messing around in the Adobe suite. One night I decided to give it a try combining the clips together to see if they could be used for something like say a HD youtube video. It was late at night so after some failed gos I queued up a few hours worth of footage and went to bed. I totally forgot about the whole thing until today when I found it, and it worked!!! I understand that this isn’t really the best option for most but if anyone wants to give it a try it’s actually pretty easy to do IF you have access to Prelude and the Media Encoder (I would hope that would come with the Premiere Pro subscription but who knows). Anyway, I’m proud of myself even if it’s just three hours of nothing remotely exciting happening on my back porch. (Yeah I would also recommend not just picking any clips because it does take some time depending on the type of computer you have so…yeah, lol. it’s not even like, a sunset or anything, haha)

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Love it man! Similar to the story of how I made my program. I work with lighworks so stitching movies together wasn’t a problem, but it was a pain.

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Just received my Cam Outdoor and am interested in NOT using the Cloud so would like to view, store, etc., on my Win10 PC. Since there is currently no Wyze computer app, I have downloaded the BlueStack “emulator” but see little info on its use.
Is there a source of information on what it can do and how?

BTW, the tip on using a ribbon cable SD extender seems like a handy one.

I find a number of options on Amazon for a ribbon extender cable but confused on what configuration of connectors. Want to go from Micro SD (from Cam) to SD slot on PC.
Recommendations appreciated. Tnx.

That won’t work.
The extenders just move the SD card further from the camera. They can’t connect the camera to a PC.

Actually, what I was thinking of was a cable between the Micro SD card which has been removed from the Cam (perhaps inserted into a Micro SD to SD adapter) and the SD slot on the computer. Is there such a cable?

I don’t think so. I can’t see much need for it if you’ve got an SD to microSD adapter.
If you need an extension use a USB card reader and an extension cable.

I’m so confused. What is it you are wanting to do?

I didn’t even realize a WiFi SD card was a thing, but I don’t think it would work like you want with the WCO. They have a short battery life as it is.

could you please provide your desired use. That might help me understand.

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Sorry for obfuscating the desired goal with too much description.

  1. Have a PC with slot for SD card but access is limited/inconvenient;
  2. Have a Micro SD card;

Is there an extension cable to connect the Micro SD to the PC SD slot?

i see

the best that i can think of would be a USB card reader and possibly a USB extender cable.

this may not sound realistic because you already have an SD slot on your computer, but both of these parts are inexpensive.

USB card reader

USB extendar cable

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Something like this?

The reader + USB cable is a potential Plan B option ,.

The Micro SD to Micro SD card extension cable would do the job…assuming that the male connector would fit into one of these (which I already own) for final insertion into PC SD slot?!

I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.
The USB extension would be more robust. Ribbon cable is a pain to work with. I think you would have trouble keeping the computer end in place.

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Appreciate the lookouts, angus. Have one on order with return privileges so I can test.

I just sounder how this is going to work for you since the SD slot on the cam is behind a waterproof seal. Are you planning on having the cam outside?

The objective is to improve connectivity between a Micro SD which has been removed from the Cam and the less accessible SD slot of the PC.

Similar in concept to using a long USB → USB cable to improve access to a computer USB port(s) when working with a thumb drive, external portable drive, etc.

Yes, but the one I use has micro SD connection on one end so would need the micro to regular SD card adapter that comes with the sd card