Using PC to view SD card recordings

Soddy, that reply is prehistoric… We should never have to remove the SD card to access it or it’s contents


I can’t say what @anthonychiappone is most concerned about, but myself and others are primarily concerned about getting high speed direct remote access to the original one minute MP4 files stored on the SD card in the camera during “Continuous Recording” without having to climb ladders…

Yes, currently the video files on the SD card can to be played back in real time and re-recorded in the Wyze app - whether on a phone/tablet/android TV or a PC running an emulator. These can then be saved, renamed, manipulated, etc.

Which is fine for short clips, but not for long ones - like when needing to examine many hours or several days worth of footage to find a happening which did not trigger a Wyze app event. (too far away, 5 min cool down, internet was offline but cam was still recording, etc) This happens with annoying frequency at some of my remote sites.

(yes, I could use more expensive “real security” hardware, but the information I need is usually perfectly captured and preserved by the Wyze cams - I just can’t get to it without a ladder &/or a car trip)

Anyhow, several issues will usually quickly appear when doing extensive real time recording within the app

  1. it’s tedious as heck to record hours of footage in real time

  2. if anything glitches in the WiFi or internet connection between the cam and the recording device during this re-recording, the process aborts and you have to start all over

  3. the quality does not appear to be as good as in the original files

Could not agree more! There are many ways to securely transfer files and I do not pine for the days of sneakernet!


macOS Mojave

I was wondering if you could use a micro sd to regular sd converter then insert a wifi sd card? I never used this stuff so I don’t know. Perhaps it would draw too much power from the cam if it worked at all.ón-compatible-impresora/dp/B01D9JIUU0/ref=sr_1_4?crid=13USJCO79AG2F&dchild=1&keywords=micro+sd+to+sd+adapter&qid=1597495771&s=electronics&sprefix=micro+sd+to+%2Celectronics%2C168&sr=1-4

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You should try it and let us know.
I don’t think power would be a problem. The cameras are meant to power daisy chained cameras. You could always bump up to a 2A power supply.

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I really like the idea, but be sure to read the customer reviews on that particular WiFi enabled SD card - a) it may or may not be supported any longer, and b) it creates its own WiFi SSID that you have to connect to - it does not connect to your WiFi router as a NAS device. Not ideal, but still a great improvement over a ladder if it works! :+1:

On the ribbon cable, I believe at least one person here uses that approach just to make it easier to manually swap the microSD cards without having to re-aim the cam. :+1:

Yes, there was an old post where someone was using a long version to have the SD card inside a building while the camera was outside.

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The ribbon cable SD card extender is quite handy and I have two of them

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I actually created a small program just to combine these video clips into a single .mp4

If anyone is interested in this i will upload the code to Github and release an exe, just let me know.


I am very interested. Thanks.

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:+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

That would be most awesome and generous! Definitely very interested!

make one in Apple Swift too… we apples love you oranges

I give this link only becouse i know there is no better tool out there. With that being said, i just threw this together in a night, so it needs a lot of work. I will probably keep up with developing it as time goes on, but i am no programmer just a hobbyist.

If anyone needs help compiling this to a running .exe send me a direct message. If your know Python, feel free fork it or make any suggestions.

Also, since i haven’t tested it out just yet you MIGHT have to install ffmpeg. If this is the case, keep checking back i’ll fix any bugs like that.

Hope it helps!


Sorry i only know Python and JavaScript at this time. Maybe I’ll get into Apple development at some point, but no time soon I’m afraid.

No worries, somebody will do it if it works out well

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Hello shifty189, I am also very interested. Thanks

look at my post above for my github link.

Thanks again shifty189.

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so in case anyone wants to try there luck with a sketchy link on the internet, i have compiled my program into an exe with everything required to run on a modern windows computer and shared it on my onedrive.

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Was this written for Python 2.x or 3.x?