Help finding Vandal of work vehicle

My neighbor’s work truck was parked in front of my house where my wyze v2 camera is recording. I mainly use that camera to watch over my car I have this set up with motion detection but just around where my car is and it is always continuously recording with an SD card somebody graffitied my neighbor’s work truck and motion detection did not pick up the person because it wasn’t in it’s defined area that I set I don’t want to sit through hours of footage to try to find somebody and I can’t pinpoint when it happened because it was dark out and the paint that they use to it was red and you can’t see it at night on the vehicle just when it’s light out or daytime the vandalism took place within seconds I’m sure it didn’t take very long so I need some way to scrub through the footage to be able to see who walked up to the vehicle when I try to put the footage from the SD card on my computer it’s broken down into days hours and minutes each clip is only about 1 minute long I don’t want to have to sit through all these clips who has a workaround or an idea for me to catch the vandal please help my neighbor would appreciate it

First suggestion would be to make a copy of the SD card and then let the neighbor worry about scanning all the footage. Fastforward helps of course.

@shifty189 wrote a small joiner program at

You could also use copy functions, Windows Movie Maker, and other techniques.


Hello, ROCCOT.31
If the vandalism is visible, try a binary search. Let say it is graffiti. Pick a point in the image time line that is about in the middle of it. Is the graffiti there? If yes go about 1/4 of TL(Time Line) back.
Graffiti is gone? Go 1/8 TL forward.
Graffiti is there, go 1/16 TL back.
So the procedure is always jump about 1/2 of the previous jump. Forward jump if the graffiti is not there, or back in time if is there. Lets say you need to look at 8 hours of video. In seven jumps you will be within 3.75 minutes of the activity.
Good luck.
Victor Maletic.


That is a great explanation of how to find things using the current system.


I forgot to mention Jason21271, that each doubling time line only requires one jump. So, searching 16 hours instead of 8 will only require one more jump.