Been having a lot of this lately

This is a Wyze Cam Pan mounted on my deck pointing to my good neighbor’s house across the street. It is recording to SD card 24/7. Neighbor across the street noticed fresh footprints around her car and asked me to look at the footage. Realy really REALLY wish there were options to play back 2x, 4x, 8x normal speeds. Without knowing when they struck, I had to manually move the slider in increments of a minute. That got old after an hour. Fortunately the camera caught them at 0145.
Police have the footage.

A v3 camera on the other end of the house shows it is a red vehicle. Next neighborhood over reported a red Dodge Charger with two occupants that jumped out and rifled through a neighbor’s unlocked car.

Can anyone verify this is most likely a red Dodge Charger?


Recorded at 01:44 am, so in the dark … and with Night Vision Mode set to Off, Auto, or On? Night Vision IR Lights set to On or Off? These are the available settings on my v2 cameras anyway. If your video was recorded without IR illumination, they clearly do an incredible job in the dark.

IR lights on and set to Auto

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