Wyze pan and scan cam v3 follows bugs not people and vehicles

My Wyze pan & scan cam misses events because it follows bugs, rain, moving leaves, the sun. It missed some criminal activity on my property because of this. Have done hours of troubleshooting with Wyze, Adjusted every setting to no avail. Very disappointed.

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One thing that can help is to turn off the IR lights. They attract bugs and cause a lot of reflection off objects, including weather.

These devices don’t have local edge AI built into them, so they do track the biggest motion, and bugs or weather can get pretty close to the camera and seem bigger than a person that is far away taking up fewer pixels.

That is too bad to hear it missed some stuff you wish it had caught. You might consider telling the camera not to track movement, or just use pan scanning. Either way, there will always be potential blind spots with most pan cams. This is one reason I like the Floodlight Pro so much over pan cameras, because the lens covers the entire 180 degree view and misses nothing. I wish they’d make a Pan camera with the same Floodlight Pro lens that sees everything, then have a second camera that pans around and can zoom in.

Thanks, I’ll try turning off the IR lights. Then how will it show videos in the dark? This guy does most of his shenanigans at night. The area that pan scan cam covers is quite wide. We live in a very rural area with quite a bit of acreage and the section of road that he would walk on towards our property, and away from it is quite wide.

We do have the floodlight cam v2 that we haven’t installed yet but we didn’t want to install a floodlight cam at that gate (we have the v1 at the other gate) because the floodlight makes it impossible to sneak around taking videos of him trespassing and doing other criminal things. Videos taken with an iPhone are always clearer than videos the Wyze cams take at night. And sometimes both the scan pan and the floodlight cam miss events.

Thanks much for your suggestion. We’ll see how that works out tonight.

Check on stand alone ir illuminators, like IR floodlights that you can mount outside, away from the camera to illuminate an area that cameras in light vision mode can use for illumination.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.