Reading night vision

I have three cameras outside. One looking up driveway and the other two facing either side of my patio. The driveway canera caught what appears to be someone I know letting someone I don’t know into our car and a little later meeting that person out there. It is with the night vision on and somewhat grainy. Plus the person i know is very smart. But even the camera detects the the other person coming into the scene although…its night vision and sometimes difficult to read. And like I said this person is knowledgeable. The car was parked crooked. This person pops the trunk and then stands in line of the camera. But I can see whats up. The person I know and I have view the footage and claims I’m crazy. Where can I go with this footage and have it read or looked at? Help please…Thanks, Kim

Was anything missing from the car? Your local police department would be a place to go to report the incident and have the footage reviewed, but I would suggest posting it here so you can get some views on what you captured. As a new user you might need a mod’s help on that, I will flag you post.


I have upped your trust level, you should be able to attach items now.

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I will try to send it to you. Brb
Sorry I’m late. I just moved

its too big. Downsizing? How to?

We’ve never had those dew type spots before. And it’s odd thats hes just standing there. The camera lick ul…what I believe to be someone coming towards the car. He appears to get goosed or such by whoever. And after I go In and he shuts the trunk, my window comes down and whoever is smoking. Nothing missing. I can send other videos of approx time. Early in the a.m. theres one where you can see the radio on, windows fogged my window down and smoking again. Ive since left him. I just would like some kinda validation that im not crazy. Please. Thank you for helping

Uploading: Into the car_1_1_1.mp4…