Caught someone going through a car

Have had a Wyze cam outside for over a year now and the first time I had to go back and look through footage. Two gentlemen went through the parking lot checking for unlocked doors. Kind of disappointed in the video quality. Not sure if I should expect better or normal for at night? Infrared was not on due to the giant light outside.

At that distance, it wouldn’t matter much if it was at night or broad daylight, you’ll not get a whole lot of details & sharpness. Still, giving this to the police may help somewhat. They may be able to compare it to other security video from nearby homes or stores (IF they feel like working that hard to catch a petty thief).

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It does look like SD. HD might be better but given the distance and this not being a movie mystery, you have a decent picture.

It’s set to HD. Could memory card quality have something to do with it? Now that I think of it the card might just be some generic basic 32gb microsd card.