Best way to review overnight footage?

For starters, our vehicles were broken into last night. Both vehicles are in view of a WYZE camera, but not in its motion-detection zone (we are in an apartment and would get 60+ notifications a day if it was set to detect the parking area as well). I am now trying to figure out the best way to review this footage. I’ve gone through it multiple times just sliding the bar a few minutes at a time, to no avail (it’s a 10 hour span, I don’t have the time to go by every 15-30 seconds).

I backed up the SD Card to my laptop, but it downloaded videos in 1-minute intervals. The video editing app on my laptop took an hour to get just 15% of the way through combining the videos, and then I had to leave for work. There has got to be a better way, please let me know if you have any suggestions!

If there is something visibly changed before vs after the breakin (broken window, door left ajar, etc) that you can see with the camera, your task got FAR easier. Scroll through the video an hour or two looking for that one change. Once you see that one change, you now have an hour or two window. Now go through that time window lets say 15 minutes at a time - again looking for that one change. Doing that will quickly narrow down the time until you see the bad stuff happen.
Several years ago I realized that an old mattress that was headed to the trash on large item pickup day had disappeared. I had about a 3 week period that it could have disappeared. Using one of my security cameras (not Wyze) and my DVR, it took me only a couple minutes to find someone walk across the front yard and grab it. I did not care since it was headed to trash anyway.

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Just copy and drag all the files into VLC, and you can search the clips really quickly. 8x speed if you want.
Really simple, and free, available for windows / linux / apple / android

If you want to concatenate all the 1 min clips into 1 hour clips or whatever, then use ffmpeg (again, free, and SUPER fast!) Concatenate – FFmpeg then you can use VLC to play that at 8x speed.