Going back and viewing footage

Hey guys so I purchased several wyze cameras for monitoring my business. Had some for the house but decided to use them at the shops now. I never really had much need to go back and review a whole days worth of footage until now though and after getting an sd card it seems like it’s not very easy. I also thought I could look at it on my computer but it doesn’t seem like I can. Main question is, is there a better way I could use the footage to review it? Like is there any other websites I can use to view it that will make it easier for going through an entire day? Or just any other tips I never really thought about this until now.

Pull the uSD card and copy it to your computer. Then there are several programs that can auto play the multiple files. Many of us use VLC.

Hmm that’s a good idea. Is there anyway to copy it over the internet? Or hack it so it can download to my home computer that anyone has heard of. People get weird about cameras so id rather not be reminding our artists of them if possible.

All the files you need are on the SD card. You can copy them any place you desire, just like any file. Or just carry the SD card home. VLC Player will even let you review the footage at any speed you like.