uSD card video files

Should I be able to play the minute-by-minute mp4 files on the SD card? When I play them on VLC, the frame rate of the video seems wrong. The video moves faster than real-time (about 1.8x) and ends before the audio. The audio appears to be correct. I haven’t figured out how to correct this yet… is it expected behavior? Playing back through the app seems to work correctly…

I’ve got Continuous Recording turned on but am otherwise using pretty vanilla settings.

BTW, are there plans to develop a web interface to the cams? It’s frustrating to review multiple cameras on the app and a single web interface would work much better.

Thank you!

Yes, the audio and video getting out of sync each minute does see to be the way it is currently - and has been as long as I have had Wyze cameras. No solution that I know of.