What to use to view on computer

So I want take video from a wyze cam like 2 hours worth off a camera that does have a sd card. But I have some questions,

  1. can I pull the video of the sd card with out removing the card?

  2. what software are you using to view it it ? VLC? others

  3. what is the best way to view such a large segment because we all know the fast forward feature of wyze is no good.

Yes, but you have to “Record” it to your phone while you are watching it. So a 2 hour play and record session.

I have not had the need to use an external video player or editor to compile video. I do have and use VLC, but it I haven’t needed it for Wyze SD Video. I’m sure others have though.

One thing it will need to be able to do is to load a library of individual videos and stitch them together in consecutive order.

The video files on the SD Card are all individual one minute MP4 video files saved to the “Record” folder, then in a Date folder, then in an Hour folder, and named by the minute. So, your player\editor would need to open and combine several Hour folders with 60 MP4 files in each and seamlessly stitch together and play the files in order. I do recall reading somewhere that there are programs that can do this.

VLC is a great program and can also merge video files.

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