Is there any way to view video on SD card faster than normal speed?

Someone broke into my car but there are no events. I want to look at the SD card but its going to take forever. Is there a way to view video at 4x speed or something like that?

I’m not aware of a way to do that natively with the camera streaming to the app. Your best bet is probably going to be to remove the microSD card from the camera and view the footage on a PC, which, in addition to giving you the ability to control playback speed, should also allow you the benefit of using a larger screen to review the footage.

I will try. I hope its recorded in an open source mp4 format

Yes, it creates individual .MP4 files for each minute of continuous recording (assuming that’s how you have your camera set to use the microSD card). This topic might be somewhat helpful:

If you poke around the Forum, you’re likely to encounter plenty of recommendations for other software to use for playback/editing on a PC.

IT creats lots of mp4. Any recommendation on software that will stitch them all together?

Sorry that your car got broken into. When I’m trying to catch something that did not create an event, I hope to be able to see some difference between before and after. For example, the window broken (that would be obvious), or something the bad guy dropped or moved that can be seen. Then you can jump larger chunks of time looking for that something that changed. Once you have seen the change somewhere between 0100 and 0200 for example, you can start moving in smaller chunks until you narrow it down.
As an example, recently my newspaper is not getting delivered before I leave for work (annoying). So this morning, I pulled up playback on one of my front yard cameras and moved in about 20 minute chunks starting when I left home. In this case it was fairly obvious since I was looking for a newspaper on an empty driveway. Only took a a short while to determine that the paper was delivered almost an hour after I left.


It was dumb kids. They took some usb cables. There has to be a way to watch all this videos together with increased playback.

Yeah, if you scroll through the topic I mentioned :point_up:, you’ll see a description of the way the 1-minute-increment files are organized on the microSD card. In that same topic, I wrote about how I attempted (but was unsuccessful) to concatenate the files using VLC but was able to do it with FFMpeg—but using FFMpeg I had to change the audio encoding. The original poster in that topic apparently had success with Avidemux, but I haven’t used that software.

I’ll make two other recommendations:

  1. I don’t know what OS you’re using (I’m on Linux), but if you’re a Windows user, then Ninite might be a good place to find and try some free multimedia applications that might do what you need.
  2. There’s a Wishlist item that addresses your initial topic, so you could swing over there and give it a vote:
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There isn’t within the app. Unfortunately…

That’s a good strategy to narrow things down without pulling the card (which can really be a chore depending on how and where the camera is mounted). Thanks for sharing!

You can load an entire folder into the built in windows media player then add them to a que and then increase playback. It only allows 2x playback.

update: use video player classic que up an entire hour and then watch at up to 16x speed.


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VLC’s pretty good for playback, too, but the particular combination of audio and video streams that Wyze uses to package its MP4 containers may require some tweaking, depending on what you intend to do:

Were you able to capture the footage you wanted? Does your solution allow you to save footage as a single continuous file for law enforcement (if you choose to report a crime)?

You can merge files, that’s easy. Windows movie maker will do that.

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Right on. Thanks for the update. I’m glad you found something that worked for you!

Tools to steal a KIA

I use VLC to view off the card on my PC I had one point on the card that I couldn’t view It .the file is there the shaded green but wouldn’t play, it’s the time the cops chase the guy hiding in my tree yes It was hilarious… was able to view it and save it (copied the file to my PC) I put the card back in and for some reason the Wyze cam app won’t play it. I also get SD card is corrupted which I get a lot of thinking my SD card is bad… but plays fine on my PC