Fast forward or 4x playback speed

Hello fellow Wyze fans.
We got some items missing from shelves, and i need to view 3 days of footage to find the thief.
Is ther a way to speed up to process?
I have tried to use sd card in my laptop but all videos are split by 1 minute each.

There’s currently no way to do this. You can vote for it on the #wishlist

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This is not actually a big problem.

Just Google “free MP4 joiner” and choose one you like for your OS. You want it just to join the files which is very fast, not re-encode or convert them which is painfully slow and reduces quality. is one I have used.

Once you have merged the 1 minute clips into something useful, you can fast forward through them using your preferred media player.

I usually make one video out of each hour’s worth of clips and examine those.

Three days worth might be a bit tedious, :expressionless: but I have done it for almost the exact situation as yours with good results. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much guys. I appreciate it